Singing Beginner Guide For Basic Techniques, Tips & How-To

One thing that most people all around the globe share in common is the love for singing. There’s something magical about listening to music and singing which is just inexplicable.

An interesting fact to note is that everyone is a born singer but it’s our inherited traits and learned skills which then decided how well we are able to sing.


By definition, singing is referred to as using your voice for producing a variety of musical sounds in a rhythm by aligning various organs in your body.


People sing on a number of occasions. Many do it for recreational purposes and as a personal hobby whereas many prefer to sing religiously or for a ritual. Nevertheless, getting good at singing is not compulsory but is quite a necessity.

If you are to sing in front of a big group or even among your friends and family members then it will be your definite wish to sound good. Reaching this destination is hard for many but is not impossible. The one and the only way to get good at singing is to devote time, hard work, dedication, and practice towards it so that your overall skills can improve over time.


Singing Techniques


Each and every singer exhibits his/her own technique of singing. Singing techniques are directly related to how you train your voice as well as how you use it. Therefore, the term singing technique is usually interpreted as vocal technique.

These techniques are used to enhance the singing skills of a person. They majorly target the areas that are responsible for the way you sound and with constant practice of such techniques noticeable positive results can be easily seen.

There are two types of singers. On one hand there are those that do not sound well and on the other hand, there are those who do sound well. There is no in between.

Simply put, efforts are required to be put in to improve yourself. But the intensity of efforts depends on where you stand.

However, those who are on the upper level can significantly improve their skills and reduce their efforts just by identifying the areas where they are lacking and working on them specifically. On the other hand, those who are on the lower level will need to work on almost each and everything.

There are various singing aka vocal techniques which you can apply in practice to improve your skills. Some of the major and most effective ones are as follows:



straight body posture

Many singers are unaware of the fact that their body posture plays a major role in their singing. How your voice is produced and comes out is greatly dependent on your posture. Shocker?

Your body posture defines your body alignment which is fairly important to singing. Only if your body parts and organs will be perfectly aligned will you be able to sing well.

Therefore, it’s necessary to maintain a straight body posture while singing. This can be achieved in 2 ways. You can either sing while standing or you can sing while sitting by keeping your back straight.



breathing while singing

You would have probably noticed that singers breathe air in and out at various time intervals while singing unless they are singing a breathless song.

Breathing air in and out isn’t a casual thing while singing rather it’s done smartly than normally. If you have been singing for a while you might have noticed the concept of breathing as well as experienced its related problems.

There are various components of singing such as the pitch, volume, tempo etc which are adjusted a number of times while you sing. Constant changing of these components comes out at the expense of air which needs to be compensated.

Mastering the technique of breathing while singing can really prove out to be a key changer to your skill level and it can only be learned by experience.

Generally, inhaling a lot of air in relatively short time intervals and exhaling this air in a sustained manner has proven out to be beneficial for singing.



lung capacity

Your lung capacity plays a major role in your singing skills. Developing your lung capacity can improve your singing capacity greatly which will ultimately result in better voice quality.

It will help you eradicate the problem of breathlessness as well as cracks in your voice to a certain extent. The best way to improve lung capacity is by exercising the chest, diaphragm as well as the lungs cavity. Swimming, for one, can prove out to be a helpful starter exercise for improving the same.




Water is the elixir for singers. Maintaining optimum water levels is extremely crucial to ensure a better health and when you are going to opt for singing the need of doing so increases even further.

If your throat will remain dry due to thirst then you will not be able to sing. Even speaking normally becomes difficult when you are thirsty and singing is far more superior to casual speaking.

So, it’s not difficult to imagine how bad you will sound if you don’t maintain optimum water levels in your body.

Furthermore, it is recommended to drink a bit warm water instead of normal or cold water to relax the vocal chords so you can sing even better.


How To Sing?


Not everyone has that melodious voice and unbeatable singing skills, however, there are some actionable steps, techniques, and methods which can be applied to build it.

Even those who are sitting at the top in the singing sphere need some actionable measures on how to sing so that they can improve their skills even further.

And learning how to sing is no brainer as well!

All you need to do is a follow a series of steps and climb the stairs one by one with continuous hard work, dedication, and practice.

Here’s a good singing lesson which is very easy to follow and can help you greatly provided you put the required efforts in it.

  • The first and foremost step to learn singing is to learn what’s the best position for singing and then apply it in reality. The ideal position for singing is the one in which all your organs which play a part in this act are properly aligned. This can be accomplished in the best possible manner only if you stand straight or keep your back straight while sitting. One thing you should remember while sitting is that you must not cross your legs. You need to keep them straight as well.


  • Next, comes setting up the mindset while you sing. You need to get rid of any redundant thoughts from your mind so that you can stay relaxed and focused towards one act. Irrelevant thoughts will only draw your attention and it can result in a lot of mistakes while you sing. Furthermore, staying confident while singing will also add up positively to the end result and chances are the audience will probably like it.


  • Working on your breathing is the next thing that you should be focusing on. Posture and breathing are 2 major components of singing. In fact, most of the singing skills are dependent on these 2 components only. Therefore it is extremely crucial that you practice the best way to breathe as well as work on the ideal posture for singing. Both of these are already covered above in the singing techniques section.


  • One big mistake that most singers make is choosing a song which is totally out of their league. As a beginner to singing, you should always opt for the easy songs first and then raise your level as your skill develops. When starting out, try to avoid those songs which have too much variation in pitch levels, tempo, breath intervals etc.


  • Before proceeding towards the actual singing try to warm up your body before by performing a few singing exercises or singing a few basic melodies to get the flow flowing in. Most singers sound bad in the first go but as the momentum builds up they start sounding much better.


  • On the completion of all the above steps, you are all set to sing the song you have been wanting to. In the initial stages, it is highly recommended to sing in front of someone and let him/her observe you and make notes on the positive as well as negative aspects of your singing. Using a voice recorder is not recommended as there will be a high variation in the sound quality on it than the actual one. These notes will then help you understand where you stand and the areas you need to work on in order to further improve your skills.


Singing Tips & Tricks


Just like each and every recreational activity, sport, and hobby, there are various tips and tricks that you can use along the way to ease it out and maximize your results.

By following a few simple singing tips and tricks you can make sure that you are optimizing the process of learning how to sing to the best possible level as well as making use of each and everything you can to reach your destination as fast, effectively, and efficiently as possible.

So what are these tips?

  • The #1 Tip to singing awesomely is to stay confident and have a belief in yourself. This belief system is very powerful. It can literally help you achieve wonders and if you fail at it then it’s a great possibility that you will achieve nothing. Your belief system will give you all the motivation you need to keep going on and hustling hard till you reach where you want to be.


  • Drink tons of water! Even if you don’t feel like you need to drink it. Water will soothe your vocal chords and will result in a smoother and better voice. Above that, drinking plenty of water has a lot more health benefits so it’s completely positive for you.


  • Give some time to singing exercises and practice them daily. Doing so will give a big boost to your skill level and help you achieve great results in no time!


  • If you are a regular smoker then investing in a program that helps you leave smoking will be in your best interest. If you drink as well and that too on a big scale then limiting on the bottle will also be a good idea.


  • Find your limits and work your ass off to crush them. Rinse and repeat this step again and again until you get unbeatable at singing. Even if you reach the top don’t stop following this tip because it will ensure that you stay at that level at all times. Surely you would love to create a league of your own. Wouldn’t you?


  • Let your emotions out while you’re singing because it will make it more alive. If you watch a few TV shows then you would’ve probably heard them saying that the song touched their heart. That’s exactly what you need and it’s achievable only when you sing from your heart.


  • If you find it hard to do it all on your own then investing in a singing program will not be a bad idea at all. You can either opt for a singing coach or you can go for a DIY singing program. The superior singing method is the one which is highly recommended and you can find it’s detailed review in this article The Superior Singing Method – Best Singing Lesson Online?.


Benefits Of Singing


The act of singing yields a lot of health benefits to us regardless of the purpose for what it is being done. In other words, no matter why you are singing but as long as you are doing it right you will obtain a lot of benefits.

The benefits of singing are broken down into 3 subheads:



  • For persons with a bad posture, singing might just do the trick. In order to sing well maintaining a straight body, posture is very essential. The ideal posture of the body should also be straight therefore if you are into singing and have a bad posture then this cause might help you get rid of your bad body posture.


  • Singing helps in working out your facial muscles which help in toning of your face and getting rid of an unnecessary face fat. Furthermore, it also helps in working out your chest, diaphragm, and lung cavity which in turn provides a lot of health benefits.


  • Patients with insomnia can greatly benefit from singing. Singing helps in refreshing our mind and it also improves sleep.


  • Listening to music as well as singing leads to the release of endorphins in the brain which act as a natural depression therapy. Endorphins are those brain chemicals which are responsible for making you feel happy and pleasurable.


  • Another important benefit of singing which is closely related to depression is its role in lowering stress levels. Many people love to listen to songs and sing along after coming home from work at night or during work in order to lower their stress levels. This therapy is not only interesting but super effective also.


  • Singing helps in expressing your emotions to the world. Whether you compose the song yourself or dedicate a prewritten one to someone or a group of people, singing a song provides you a medium to express your feelings.


  • Singing helps beat loneliness. This benefit is correlated to all the above listed emotional benefits. Loneliness automatically gets away if all the above listed emotional benefits take place.


  • Via singing, you are able to express yourself freely. This appeals to a lot of people and can actually result in an increment of your social circle as an outcome.


  • Singing helps in boosting self-confidence which automatically makes other people like you. Furthermore, people tend to follow and listen more to the people who are confident. Therefore, singing may help you achieve leadership roles at various occasions.


  • When there’s nothing to do and you are getting bored then singing a song is not a bad option at all. It can turn out to be a great activity for your group as well because it may turn out to be a game for all.


  • Singing can help you improve your vocal as well as listening skills. This directly leads to an improvement in your communication skills and it also helps in increasing your vocabulary.


So, what’s your idea about singing? Did this guide teach you something? Were you able to sing well as beginner by following this guide? Whatever you experiences are don’t forget to share them with us in the comments down below.

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