3 Photography Tips For Capturing The Perfect Smile

One of the hardest things that photographers face in their routine is capturing a natural smile. Generally people fake or force a smile when they are asked to put up a smile for a photograph. That is quite understandable┬ábecause bringing up a smile from nowhere for just a photograph can’t be a natural one.

While there is nothing wrong with a fake smile but it’s still not as good as a natural smile. The glow in the face is usually absent which is present when a person is naturally smiling. Moreover, a fake or forced smile is easy to spot as well which is again a downer for a good photograph.


How To Bring Up A Natural Smile?


It’s almost impossible to bring up a natural smile when someone just says ‘cheese’ or ‘smile’ and that too for a photography (what a bummer!). That’s because there is no element in it which can bring up originality.

Therefore, the best way to resolve the issue of the natural smile for photography is to bring up this element.

This can be easily accomplished by following 3 simple tips.

#1. Don’t Force It

Well, the most obvious one is to not force the subject to smile. If someone is forced to put up a smile then there’s no way he/she will be able to bring originality to it. The best way is to let the subject relax and capture his/her expressions as it is. It will be a lot better than the one with some fake expressions.

Plus you never know you might capture a mild elegant smile or expression in it.

#2. Do Something To Make The Subject Happy

The only way to bring a smile on a person’s face is to do something that will make him/her happy.

Always remember

Happiness is the key to smiling.

You can do anything for the subject or to the subject which will bring up that cute little smile on the face. A few things that you can do are to crack a joke, make a funny face, play a funny game, do a funny activity, and you can even do tickling. There are literally tons of options that you can go for and obviously the thing you do will be derived specifically from your subject’s interest only.

Apart from that, you can even do something to trick the subject which will grant you a small time interval of that smile. For instance, if the subject is looking somewhere you can do something funny or point to something funny in that location at that very instant just to trick the subject and then capture an image instantaneously.

This act is hard to do but if done correctly then it will help you capture super amazing pictures.

#3. Just Go With The Flow

The biggest mistake that photographers even the pro ones make is that they don’t go with the flow. If your subject is cooperative and he/she is trying their best to force a natural smile and expressions then confusing them and pointing them again and again as to what is right and what is wrong will just make your job harder.

You should rather let them do what they want to do and in the end, you will definitely get your desired shot. But if you will keep confusing your subject then it will be a lot more difficult.

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