4 Simple Tips To Learn Harmony Easily

Melody and harmony are two technical terms of singing which every singer is usually aware of. However, only a few actually understand what’s the real difference between the two because it’s hard to distinguish them.

In order to make it more clear, the melody is the tune of a song and a harmony is the simultaneous occurring of chords and tones in a song. Technically, harmony compliments the melody to complete it as well as the song.

Learning about harmony is very important yet it is barely realized by many singers out there. A singer who knows what’s a harmony and what’s a melody and is a master of both will listen as well as sing the song in a completely different way.

And usually, this different way is what makes the outcome perfect!


Tips On How To Sing Harmony


Learning harmony on your own is difficult. In most of the cases, you either need a coach or a guide (online or offline) that can teach you about its basic concepts.

However, another way to learn harmony is by following a few simple tips that can provide you its immense knowledge in time.

Such a few tips are:

#1. Sheet Music

Probably one of the best ways to learn harmony is by using sheet music. All you got to do is to buy some sheet music and practice it regularly using a piano at first and then without a piano. You will need to sing your harmony a number of times before you start working on it without a piano.

This method is a bit time consuming and involves a lot of hard-work but it is one of the most effective and efficient methods for learning harmony.

#2. Difficulty Level

A big mistake that most singers tend to show is that they don’t plan and think about the difficulty level of the songs they choose. The best way to learn harmony and in fact any other activity is to start small and then shoot for big.

Keeping that in mind you should always opt for an easy song and as your skill level rises you should move on to more difficult ones.

#3. Learn When To Skip

When you begin learning how to sing harmony you will often find a lot of difficulties. The best way to overcome such difficulties is to repeat your notes exactly in the way they are as many times as possible.

If you fail to do so at a certain point then you need to move one step ahead or down and if even that doesn’t work then you need to skip a note.

Do make sure that when you skip a note you do it in such a way that it has least possible effects on the actual.

#4. Dedication & Practice

Learning harmony does take time and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. (Sad but true!)

You got to put in that fierce dedication and hard-work into it if you actually want to master it.

Once you do it then the way you sing as well as the way you listen to songs will completely rise up to a whole new level which will be far more superior.

The only way to learn how to sing harmony is practice.

Therefore, you need to take advantage of any opportunities you get and at times make those opportunities for yourself. Furthermore, practicing in front of friends or in groups is a better option than practicing alone because it will help you gain instant feedback for your efforts.

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