Top Tips For Clicking The Best Prom Photographs

Most of the high school students eagerly wait the entire year for the prom because it’s probably one of the biggest nights of their lives. Many achieve their goal of the first date on this night and lots of the students fulfill a lot of their dreams (if you know what I mean!!). Hehe..

All these things display that this night is one that is worth capturing and you will definitely want to capture it in the best way possible.


Tips For Capturing Awesome Promo Photos


Doing prom photography isn’t a hard job. All you need is a little common sense and a vision to see opportunities for clicking those great and next to perfect shots. Adding some tricks and effects to photo looks cool too so keeping a good knowledge in this area also helps.

Therefore, following a few great photography tips will surely do some good.

#1. Watch Out For That Pose

Photography is mostly about the subject of the picture. Setting focus and optimizing things to highlight the object in the best possible way is the usual ideal goal of any type of photography.

Same thing applies here.

As a further add-on prom photography is a lot more about poses as well.

See, when you are capturing live objects in a photograph, then how they get clicked in a photograph matters a lot. For instance, if you are capturing a photograph of a couple, then having a more intimating and/or shortly seductive pose will surely make the photograph look more cool and appealing.

#2. The Background Matters

Photography focuses on the foreground of the picture mostly but it doesn’t imply that the background of the photograph has no importance at all. In fact, the background of a picture matters almost as much as the foreground of the picture.

For instance, a picture of a couple is clicked with a wrecked background in a certain pose and a photograph of the same couple in the same pose is clicked with a wonderful background.

Among the 2 which one will look better?

Obviously, the one with the wonderful background will be much more appealing than the other one.

Therefore, picking a place which has a nice background and ambiance will definitely raise the attractiveness and quality of the picture.

#3. Finding The Light

Lighting issues are one of the biggest problems of prom photography. The areas where good light is available are usually very crowded and the ones which are not so crowded aren’t well lit.

Therefore, finding such spots that have an optimum lighting level available but aren’t so crowded should be one of your top priorities if you are serious about prom photography. Using a flash is also recommended if such areas are hard to find but it’s better if you keep it the last resort.

#4. Stay Portrait

Unless otherwise, you are clicking a group photograph staying in the portrait will surely be in your best interest. The portrait mode is ideal for clicking solo pictures, selfies, and couple pictures.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you should always restrain from using the landscape mode.

Exceptions are always there and if the situations call for it then you should switch modes. Using a portrait mode should be kept as a general flexible rule for prom photography.

#5. Don’t Rush Things Up

You have probably heard this same thing from varied sources. Rushing things up never works out and there’s a reason behind it. (Shocker?)

People tend to make a lot of mistakes when they rush because they get nervous and/or start panicking.

Waiting for the ideal moments and shooting for clicking as many pictures as possible in such moments will most probably won’t work nicely. You should always aim for quality rather than quantity.

So clicking pictures whenever you find an opportunity is not a bad idea at all.

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