What Should You Choose – Film Or Digital Photography?

When a photographer is moving towards professionalism, then one big question he faces is the choice between film and digital photography. Many photographers get confused between both and find it hard to identify which one will work best for them.

Both of them are suitable for their own respective areas and have little in common.

For some areas film photography is the and for some digital photography is the best.

At the end, it all boils down to your style of photography, available budget, and occasion needs and suitability.

Nonetheless, both of these types are greatly practiced and loved by photographers all over the globe. Film photography is somewhat a traditional outlook of photography that has been enhanced greatly with the modern technology and the digital photography is based on completely modern outlook.


Film Photography v/s Digital Photography


There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these types of photography and a comparative study is necessary to find out the best one for you.

Some photographers love the idea of film photography and some totally hate it.

Same goes for the digital one as well.

A photographer rarely has been found who loves both of them and is willing to proceed with either.

Furthermore, switching between them is also difficult because as you proceed with the one you get used to it and the other one seems odd to operate.

Advantages Of Film Photography

  • BUDGET FRIENDLY: One of the biggest advantages of film photography is that even if you are running low on cash you can still take the benefit of it as it has a very low starter cost.


  • HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE: Film photography offers a higher dynamic range which results in better picture quality especially in white and black photography.


  • OPERATABLE WITHOUT ELECTRICITY: In today’s world electricity is required to operate almost each and every modern appliance however with film photography that’s simply not the case.

Disadvantages Of Film Photography

  • LOT’S OF STUFF: If you are to use this type of photography then be ready to carry lots of stuff to support it. Cameras are also heavier and a bit difficult to operate as well.


  • STORAGE DIFFICULTIES: The photographic film once made is difficult to store because of its huge size. If you are planning to do bulk work on this type then you will need to provide some extra space for storing the films.


  • DEVELOPING: Probably the biggest back draw of this photography is that you need to develop the film first in order to view the pics. It is not only time consuming but it requires some extra skills and specialized knowledge as well.

Advantages Of Digital Photography

  • EASE OF STORAGE: Digital photographs are stored in a computerized format mainly in jpg, jpeg or png which are very small in size and easy to read by operating systems. Digital cameras usually use memory cards to store such images. These cards are very small in size and are able to offer huge storage space.


  • CUSTOMIZATION: Using this type of photography offers a great extent of customization and control over the picture. You can also add a lot of devices to enhance the current customization abilities of the camera as well as to enhance the picture quality as well.


  • INSTANT VIEW: Pictures can be seen as soon as they are clicked. This is highly beneficial to the photographers in a number of aspects.


  • SIZE: The size of the equipment required for digital photography is on lightweight side and it is easy to carry as well unless you are using a lot of additional devices.

Disadvantages Of Digital Photography

  • COST: To opt for digital photography you got to spend a lot of money especially if you are to opt for high-end cameras such as the DSLR ones. Such equipment is costly to purchase and maintain as well.


  • PICTURE QUALITY: High picture quality is available only in the high-end cameras and the picture quality further depends on the ability and skill of the photographer.



Both types of photography are proven to yield amazing results if utilized properly. It all boils down to your skill level, style, and available budget. The best way to get to know more about each of them is to try them for some time and then decide what suits best for you and your occasion.

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