How To Get A Well Balanced Voice?

Ah, the idea of a well-balanced voice, a dream come true for many singers! (LOL!!)

It’s often the ultimate goal for many singers and even the professionals spend their whole lives just to get their voice perfectly balanced.

Yet many fail in this pursuit and only a few are able to succeed 🙁

Singers often struggle in discovering their own voice because it’s just too hard to get to know it. The reason behind it is that it is dependable on too many internal as well as external factors which are hard to influence.


Tips On Obtaining A Well-Balanced Voice


A voice ranging in the optimum scale level is very pleasing to sound. People aren’t able to resist once they hear this type of voice. But the only difficult part is that it’s one of the hardest things to achieve in singing.

You can literally spend a countless number of hours without any noticeable results whatsoever!!!

A voice close to being well balanced is the secret behind many successful singers out there. Achieving this goal is hard but it is not impossible 🙂

Therefore, if you follow a proven path along with some effective actionable tips then this goal can actually be achieved.

Here are a few things to get you started:

#1. Get To Know Your Voice

The first and foremost step to training your voice to be next to well-balanced is to learn about it and understand how’s it, at what scale level does it lie on, what’s its type etc.

Now, this step is very crucial as all other things are dependent on this one step. If you judge your voice wrong then any efforts you put into it, later on, may result in a total waste and in the worst case scenario, it can even ruin your current voice.

Therefore, a careful analysis from multiple sources using various credible tools is essential to understand your voice.

#2. What’s Your Type Of Resonance?

This step is an extended part of the above-stated step. Resonance is a natural amplifier of your voice. In order to improve your vocal skills learning about the type of your resonance is essential. This will help you to understand from which areas do you sing and what are the areas that need to be improved.

I have written a complete article on it for your consideration – All Essentials Of Resonance That Are A Must To Know.

#3. Practice

Undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of this whole concept is practice. As you might have heard:

Practice makes a man perfect.

However, practicing without any clue and without any plan is just an utter waste. (Sad but true!)

Yeah, it’s nice to sing a couple of songs, observe your mistakes and work on them but to get a well-balanced voice that’s simply not enough. You will need to get smart at how you practice and do something extraordinary to outshine the ordinary.

The smartest way of practicing for balancing your voice is to practice on both ends. Practice your voice on the sharp end as well as on the light end. Sing songs that have extreme notes as well as the ones with the lightest notes. Get to know your limits, crush them, and optimize them effectively and efficiently.

#4. Learn How To Combine

The songs that are based completely on the sharper side or vice versa are typical ones. Normal ones offer a combination of both sharp notes as well as warm notes. Therefore, toning your voice to fit to such a song is essential in order to sing each and every song in a well-balanced voice. Otherwise, you will find it hard to sing such a song and most of the times it will be filled up with cracks and various other problems.

#5. The Element Of Uniqueness

Each and every human being has the same core elements but each person functions differently. All organs of humans function in the same way yet there is an element of uniqueness in each and every human being.

Understanding this point is essential because most of the singers have a bad habit of comparison.

On one hand a person may be born with a natural melodious voice but on the other hand, some other person may have a very ugly voice. Instead of comparing your skills with others you need to spend the time to identify your weakness and work hard to turn them into your strengths.

If you keep on comparing yourself with others and thinking that the other is able to do it and you aren’t then you will never be able to grow.

So embrace what you have and work your ass off to make it work.

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