Learn Photo Editing – Take Your Photoshop Skills To Next Level!

The craze of photography is on a serious rise and people all over the globe are opting to this profession rapidly. Even the casual photographers are moving towards professionalism on seeing the scope and growth in this sector. In order to excel in this sector, a photographer needs to obtain immense knowledge about this industry. It is essential for every photographer to learn that a good photograph is the one which is eye-catching and creates a long lasting impression in the mind of viewers.

Achieving this golden rule of photography is generally possible only if the picture is of high quality and has that professional touch to it.

However, in order to achieve it, investing in expensive photography equipment such as DSLR cameras is necessary. Furthermore, being aware of photo editing and manipulating is also essential for flourishing in this sector.

The photo editing tutorial named, “Learn Photo Editing” by Patrick is one such course that has the potential to help photographers greatly in this sector.

Patrick the creator of this course himself is a professional graphic artist, colorist, photo editor, and a photographer. From his knowledge and experience, he has devised this course which helps professional photographers and graphic designers to take their photo editing skills to the next level.

The Learn Photo Editing Course is basically just an advanced photoshop tutorial that majorly focuses on teaching photomanipulation, compositing, and retouching.

Okay…Please Provide An Insight Of This Course

This course currently provides 35 photoshop tutorials which focus on different methods, concepts and ways of editing photos to make them totally stunning. By using these tutorials you can turn an average looking picture into a completely mind bobbling picture.

That’s the actual power of this course (Sigh!).

But, despite the claims, this course is more focused towards intermediate or professional photographers or photo editors who are looking forward to expanding their knowledge and skill set. Entry-level photographers and photo editors will find it hard to follow this course as they have a lot to learn yet.

Broadly, here are a few things that you will learn from this photoshop tutorial:

  1. Conversion of real people images into cartoon characters and caricatures using photo manipulation & retouching.
  2. Facial enhancement by adding depth and character.
  3. Transformation of average pictures into a more lively one by focusing on details and adding special effects to it.
  4. Using light to your advantage in such a way that even a bad picture stands out.
  5. Creation of stunning portraits by retouching and adding special effects to it.
  6. The addition of high dynamic range to a picture to enhance its quality and features.
  7. Transformation of normal pictures into magazine style pictures with the addition of painted looks and advanced contrast and color manipulating schemes.
  8. Conversion of a normal portrait into a video game character.
  9. Working with gradients to transform the mood and look of a picture.
  10. And lots more!

The learn photo editing course is loaded with in-depth tutorials which are nowhere else to be found. What makes it even better is that Patrick has added HD quality videos for each and every tutorial.

On quality terms, this tutorial deserves a 10/10!

Aha! Could I Get A Pros And Cons List For This Course?

In all of my reviews, you will definitely come across this line, “Nothing is Perfect“. Following the same, this course has its own limitations. But as a personal opinion, those limitations are nothing in front of strengths of this course. Anyways, here’s a comparative list of pros and cons of this course.

Anyways, here’s a comparative list of pros and cons of this course.


  • AFFORDABILITY: Probably a big surprise for many (including me) this course is quite budget friendly. It costs just 27$ for a lifetime membership for this course and you even get a 60-day money back guarantee. One can’t ask for anything better than this, especially in this area.
  • INFORMATION: The information provided in this course is straight to the point, unique, and extremely beneficial. I bet that even the pro photo editors will definitely find something interesting to learn in this course.
  • INTERFACE: Accessing the course is pretty straight forward since everything is digital. All the videos are of amazing quality and following them is pretty easy as well.
  • EVOLVING NATURE: Unlike many other courses this one is continuously growing and evolving. The content and database of this course are frequently updated. New Photoshop tutorials are being added to the course at reasonable timeframes.
  • WORKING: For a good editing the use of a quality image is necessary. That demands the use of a professional camera. However, the working of the tutorials being taught in this course are so great that even the pictures which are clicked from an average camera can stand out.


  • SUITABILITY: Honestly, the one and only con of this course is its suitability. It is not completely suitable for newbies and if a newbie does purchases this course then additional efforts are required to fully understand it. Another suitability problem is that the tutorials taught in this course will work well only if you are using Photoshop version CS5 or a newer version.

Cool! How Does Real Life Examples Look Like?

Knowing how well a product will deliver before purchasing it is very crucial. Therefore, checking out how the edited pictures look like using the tutorials provided in this course is important. Here are some real life edited pictures from this course:

Here are some real life edited pictures from this course:

edited photo


Here’s another one for your consideration…


digital make over


The official website is filled up with more examples like these. Seriously! You can see tons of mind-boggling edited photos (along with their originals) on the product description page.


Product NamePriceRatingRecommendedOfficial Site Link
Learn Photo Editing$279.75/10YESVISIT SITE

2 thoughts on “Learn Photo Editing – Take Your Photoshop Skills To Next Level!

  • May 22, 2018 at 7:03 pm

    great post, what I really recommend to every person whether they are blogger or youtuber both of them must know how to use photoshop. because without photoshop we will not be able to make our custom (featured or thumbnail image).
    BTW your Recommended photoshop course looks impressive.

    • May 23, 2018 at 9:18 am

      Hey William,

      Thanks for your response and I am glad you liked the post! And yes, the course is really impressive. You should give it a try if you are into photoshopping or any kind of editing. It will definitely prove out to be worthy for your hard-earned money 🙂



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