How Much Practice Do You Need To Sing Better?

Singing is a skill and just like any other how much practice a person does denote where he stands in the crowd. Practicing a skill helps you improve it and practice is what that separates extraordinary from the crowd. Thinking of getting better at a skill without practicing is just like thinking of fishing without going to the sea (or any other water body).

It’s not something that’s gonna happen overnight or by itself. If you don’t put in efforts and that too consistent basis then you shouldn’t dream of getting big at it.

Hard work, dedication, consistency, and regularity are all determinants of how well you get at a skill and in the absence of any of these, it’s just a wastage of time. Period.

However, practicing like a fool isn’t gonna help you either. As you might have heard, “Excess of Everything is Bad”. The same rule applies to singing too.

Therefore, now the question arises.

How much should I practice?

In order to solve this query, the below-listed table might help. It shows the typical practice time for singers ranging at different levels.




Starter5-10 minutes
Newbie30 minutes or more
Intermediate1 hour or more
Professional2 hours or more


A Few Helpful Tips


Just like I said above practicing like a fool isn’t beneficial at all. In the worst case scenario, it may also harm your skills. It sounds absurd but it’s true. Therefore, practicing smartly is much more important task than you realize.

Here are a few tips for practicing singing that will greatly help you along the way.


The most important element of practicing any skill in the world is regularity. If you are to get good at singing then practicing it regularly is very crucial.

Now, regularly doesn’t mean at timely intervals. It stands for daily practice. For instance, if you don’t do practice for a couple of days and then on the third day aim to cover the last two days as well then it ain’t gonna provide you any benefit especially if you are regularly repeating this thing. Practicing for even 15-30 minutes a day is better than doing it for 2-3 hours once in 3-4 days.

The best way to practice regularly is to set up a routine and daily devote some specific time for practicing singing only.


When you are desperate to learn a skill you’d try your level best to do it all at once or as much as you can. Now, that is good in a sense and to a certain extent. But for the best possible results, you should maintain patience.

Understand that skills are not developed overnight.

#Rome was not built in a day!

Similarly, you should proceed step by step regularly and in time you will achieve your goal. Furthermore, instead of practicing all muscles, techniques, and methods at once you should stick to a single or a couple of pieces. Once you feel that you are all done in them only then you should proceed to the next one.


In order to make yourself stand out, you will need to put in dedication towards it. It is only possible if you are passionate about what you are doing.

Therefore, if you aren’t passionate about singing then spending a countless number of hours on it will not do you any good in the end. Plus you will feel the practice sessions to be a big burden.

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