How To Perform Well On A Stage?

One of the most frightening things for singers is performing on a stage for a big audience. This fear is natural and at the beginning, most of the people do face it. Unlike many other fears that a person might face, getting over this one is relatively quite easy and is accomplished eventually with practice and time.

The fear of performing in front of a group is not limited to singers only. Most of us performing on the stage for a big audience fact it whether it be a singer, a dancer, a painter or someone else. The actual fear is not about how good or bad you will perform. It’s more about what the audience will think about you, what will be their reaction and feedback, what could possibly go wrong in front of such a big group and the embarrassment¬†you will have to face later on etc.

Therefore in order to fix up this fear, you need to work on eradicating its causes.


3 Ways To Eliminate Stage Fright


Almost each and every performer feels the stage fright but eliminating it is easy. All you have to do is follow some ways and some tips to end its causes and the stage fright will vanish away automatically.

Here a few ways to accomplish this:

#1. Pre-Imagination

Imagining yourself performing in front of a big group can be a helpful way to solve this issue. But this can go on the other way as well. It can also make you more frightened so you got to follow certain things when you perform this step.

These are:

  1. Firstly, imagine yourself performing in front of a group.
  2. Then think about all those things that can go wrong or the worst things that could happen.
  3. The key here is not to get disheartened and maintain faith in yourself.
  4. You got to remember that you got the ability to do it and that’s the reason why you are standing at this point. And even if it something goes wrong then it’s not the end of the world. You can still figure a way out in the positive direction.
  5. Then you need to imagine yourself at all the good things that could happen. Imagine the potential rewards you will gain and the achievement of goals for which you took the step to perform on a stage. This will provide you all the good motivation you need!

#2. Practice

Practice makes a man perfect.

Everyone knows this and you should know it and believe it as well. With practice and an unbreakable belief in yourself and your goals, you can literally achieve anything. But if you think the other way around then you possibly can’t achieve a single thing! If you don’t practice or stay over confident about your skills then the chances of the happening of bad things at stage get multiplied by¬†a number of times.

Furthermore, practicing smartly when you are to perform on a stage can further lead to better results. The best way to practice in such a case is practicing in front of a mirror, your family, or in front of your friends.

Doing so will even provide you an instant feedback which can help you to fix issues in your singing style and/or skills.

#3. Stay Confident

Self-confidence is the key to a great performance on stage regardless of the activity you are performing. If you are confident and have faith in yourself as well as what you are doing then the audience will believe it too.

Furthermore, the response you will get from the audience if you are confident will be much more delightful even if you make a couple of mistakes.

However, if you become overconfident then it may result in a big disaster.

So decide on which side you would rather be on!

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