What Is Aperture & How To Use It To Your Advantage?

There are many technical terms and items associated with photography and a camera. The aperture is one such example of it. It is used to determine how much light is to be entered into the lens of the camera.

However, many photographers including beginners as well as professionals (mostly beginners) are either unknown of its basics or the whole term rest alone its great benefits and uses.

Aperture is used widely and if influenced correctly then it leads to a great impact on the quality of a picture. Learning how to use aperture, therefore, is very crucial.

Furthermore, learning about such little but important aspects is what that separates the masters from the beginners.


Tips On Working With Aperture


The basic idea of using the aperture is simple.

Higher the width higher will be the amount of the light entering into the lens and lower the width lower will be the amount of the light entering into the lens.

Furthermore, depth of field is also affected by the width of the aperture. Therefore, you should be using it cautiously.

Generally, the more experience you will gain the more aware you will become as to how to use it under various circumstances.

Here are a few things to help you get started:

F-Stop & Depth Of Field

F-Stop is the units in which aperture is measured. Higher the aperture lower will be the F-Stop and lower the aperture higher will be the F-Stop. It’s an indirect relation being followed between these two.

Now, F-Stop affects depth of field as well, therefore, the aperture should be adjusted wisely.

For larger depth of field, the number of F-Stop must be higher and vice versa.

Adjusting Aperture

The way the aperture is adjusted is different in different type of cameras. The extent of the manual working of a camera determines how the aperture is set and influenced.

In fully manual camera or traditional cameras, you will find a dial on the lens which is responsible for the aperture of the camera. The F-Stop number will be mentioned over the dial and use the guidelines of the camera you should influence it accordingly.

In new and automatic cameras the aperture is adjusted right from the LCD display screen either directly or by going into the settings of the camera. In semi-automatic cameras, the way the aperture is adjusted will depend on the camera specifications. You will either find the dial or the LCD screen option in such a camera.

The Easy Way Around

Technology has and is providing absolutely wonderful solutions to each and everything around every corner. Fortunately, technology has helped photographers here as well! If you are using a latest digital camera then you are most probably on the fortunate side. Such cameras usually possess certain preset modes which are already designed to shoot photos in that specific mode only.

For example, if you want to capture a low light image then instead of setting up each and everything manually all you need to do is select the low light or night photography mode and voila all the settings will be adjusted automatically. Once the adjustments are made automatically you can even readjust them manually as per the requirements.


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