How To Breathe Properly While Singing?

Breathing is the number one facilitator to singing. With a proper breathing technique, you can bring wonders in your singing skills but the other way around also holds true.

Working on how you breathe is often ignored by singers especially by the newbies either because they are unaware of its importance or they find it too hard and confusing to work upon.

One thing that you should remember that if you want to sing well you will have to work on how you breathe and doing so will demand patience, hard work, and time.

If you go out looking for information on how to do it properly then you will discover a number of ways to do.

In fact, the majority of the singers have their own opinions on how to do it which complexifies this concept even further.

Therefore, before choosing a certain way to do it you should firstly know about how it helps you in singing and how you can influence it.


How Breathing Works & Helps In Singing?


This idea majorly relies on the breath support.

The term breath support signifies the control of the breath by a person and how he/she deals with it to affect a certain cause.

In order to improve your singing skills, working on breath support is quite essential. You need to learn how to inhale excessive air in a relatively short period of time and then how to release it periodically.

Usually, the inhalation and exhalation should be according to the type of the song you are going to sing.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that you should follow and keep in mind for effective breathing. And to be precise, majorly these are just 2 things only.

#1. Inhalation & Exhalation Control

Breathing in singing majorly relies on the breath support and the breath support majorly relies on the inhalation and exhalation control.

Therefore, you should work on your inhalation and exhalation ultimately in order to improve your breathing.

Sounds pretty easy! Isn’t it?

Normal breathing cycle ranges in 3-5 seconds range. For improving your singing skills you need to increase this cycle by a relatively larger amount.

However, this increase also needs to be done smartly to affect your singing on the positive side. For positive effects, you need to inhale lots of air quickly and then exhale that air out slowly.

Now, for how long you should extend your breathing cycle will depend and you will learn about it via experience. Therefore, practicing it a couple of times daily isn’t a bad idea at all.

One thing you should always remember is that for increasing the breathing cycle you should not stop the exhalation process i.e holding your breath by stopping the air flow. You just need to slow down its speed.

#2. Stomach Control

When you breathe in air deeply the diaphragm moves in the downward direction which causes your stomach to expand. Controlling and measuring how much air you inhale and you need is difficult on its own.

Therefore checking and controlling the stomach expansion is a good way to perform this task.

Doing so will provide you an idea of how much air you need to inhale and exhale at different point of times. For the first few times you will need to devote constant observation to it but afterward, you will be able to feel and control it naturally i.e without looking at your stomach again and again.

Ideally, you should inhale in only that much air which is under or equal to your lung capacity. Inhaling excessive air than that limit will do you more harm than good.

If the stomach expansion is relatively huge then this means you are going beyond your lung capacity and vice-versa. Furthermore, you will need to learn that you should never fight with the muscles resistance caused while inhalation and exhalation. Rather you should find a comfortable position for both of them which serves your purpose and provides relaxation to the muscles as well.

And without regular practice, you won’t be able to do it because you will need to encounter it many times before you learn how to do it properly.

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