What Causes Singing Through The Nose & How To Stop It?

From time to time you might have come across the concept of singing through the nose (also known as nasal singing/toning) from a varied number of sources. And it’s quite a possibility that you might have identified some singers singing through the nose and also identified that you are doing the same.

You will be surprised to know that even some skilled and well-experienced singers tend to sing through the nose and that too fairly more than the acceptable limit. Plus if you are a beginner then it will be really hard for you to firstly identify that you are actually singing from your nose rather than from your mouth and even if you do discover this issue then fixing it further will also be an excruciating task for you.

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What Causes Singing Through The Nose?

In simple terms, singing through the nose happens when the air is coming through the nose while singing. Most of the times it is caused by low available space for the passage of air in the back of your throat.

Now, how bad you sound while singing through your nose actually depends on how much air you let pass through your nose while you sing.

How To Test If You Sing From Your Nose?

I am very much sure that at this point you will definitely want to know if you are facing this problem in reality or not. Testing of this concept is fairly easy and it will take just a couple of minutes to do so. There are 2 ways to test it, however, one of it is applicable only if you are suffering from a cold or a similar problem.

  1. By using your fingers press your nostrils until the point where you can’t close it anymore. Now try to sing and see if you feel the air pressure coming through your nose. If it does then you surely sing through your nose and its intensity depends on how much pressure you feel.
  2. If you have a common cold (or a similar issue) then most probably you will be having the issue of a blocked nose. Now, you need to try to sing with this blocked nose and see if you sing the same way as normally while this problem doesn’t persist. If it holds true then you do not sing through your nose but if it isn’t then you surely do sing through your nose.

How To Fix It?

Now, the most important question.

How do I fix the problem of singing through my nose?

There are a number of ways to do it and you got to follow them for a prolonged period of time to see noticeable results. Here are a few to help you out:

  • The best way to fix this issue is focusing on your breathing technique while you sing. Since nasal singing occurs because of the passage of air from your nose then focusing on fixing this issue will ultimately solve the resultant problem.


  • Another thing that contributes majorly to nasal singing is pressed phonation. Pressed phonation occurs when you put extreme air pressure on your vocal cords. Resultant to which the air starts passing through your nose. Working in this sector can also help you out in fixing this issue.


  • Singing through the nose is common for those who often suffer from breathing difficulties. In such cases, you need to be very patient because it will take you some time to make your body habitual to it. Medical help to fix those breathing difficulties can also prove out to be a lot beneficial in such cases.


Lastly, you need to understand that to a certain extent you need to sing from your nose because there are some vowels and consonants which need nasal air passage.

So, you need to stay very alert and work very smartly while diagnosing and fixing this issue.

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