How To Sing Smoothly In A Row?

I am sure that you might have wondered numerous times on the fact as to how the professional singers are able to sing so smoothly? And they are able to do as if they are just generally speaking and it’s a piece of cake for them. It feels like as if they are somewhat connected to it which makes their song come out of their soul and directly impact the audience.

Another noticeable thing is that most of those who have secured top positions in this industry exhibit this trait commonly.

So is it possible for an “Average Joe” to achieve the same?

Fortunately, the answer to this question is a big YES!!!


How To Sing As If You Are Speaking?


The benefits of singing smoothly are practically limitless. You can’t even imagine how well you will be able to sing if you are able to achieve it. Not only it will help you in raising your skill level but your audience will also increase in size and will start showing you more love as well.

And, the reason behind this is quite simple and it goes something like this…

Not many singers are out there how can perform this task and when a song is sung smoothly in a beautiful voice then the audience just can’t resist to appreciate it.

So how do you get all of this?

There are a series of tasks that you gotta follow in order to achieve this.

Plus you need to remember that consistency and patience is the key.

1. Pick Your Favorite Song

The very first step that you need to take which is perhaps the easiest & sometimes the trickiest one is picking up a song to start with. A thing that you need to remember while doing this is you should probably opt for your favorite song or any other song that you love which you have sung like thousands of times before.

Furthermore, try to pick a song that is in your native language because in this case scenario your job will get a whole lot easier.

2. Try To Add Distinction To It & Focus On Keeping It All Natural

Have you ever thought about the way you normally speak?


Have you ever thought about the random things that you keep on saying to one person or the other?

I am gonna bet on a “NO” as an answer to these questions because it’s quite obvious, people normally don’t do such things.

Now, what you gotta do is add this feature of being natural and randomness to the way you sing. Just don’t think much about it and do it in the way your heart says it.

Another thing that you need to majorly focus on is adding the element of distinction to your songs. Every person is different so each person will sound differently. Singing along a song, in the same way, is nice and many of us do it but if you want to add that natural effect to it then you gotta make sure that the songs you sing sound like more of you rather than of someone else.

3. Project Yourself

Understanding this point is very easy and I guess you might have got an idea of what I am gonna talk about but the point is that applying it in practice is gonna be really hard. The singing part is relatively easy but the part of projecting yourself doing it in your head is difficult.


This is because of the negative thoughts that will keep popping up 🙁

Don’t worry. There’s a way to solve it!

Before you actually start singing you gotta project yourself accomplishing the same in your head. In other words, it’s preparing your mindset that you can do it and you will do it. It’s similar to framing yourself doing it in your mind before you have actually done it in reality. Doing so is very important for your success on this path because if you can conceive it only then you can achieve it.

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