How To Improve Your Singing Tone Easily?

If you have just started to sing then I am more than sure that you might have heard about the importance of your vocal/singing tone from a varied number of sources. Now, you might be wondering why everyone is emphasizing so much on this? The sole reason for so much buzz about your singing tone is its importance in your overall singing skills.

Yeah, miracles do tend to happen and you may be born with a super melodious voice (not everyone is so blessed!) and think you may not need to work on it. But this is where you get wrong my friend. No matter how well you think your singing tone is still you should devote some time to work on it. So all in all working on your vocal tone aka your singing tone is more than essential. In fact, if you start working on your vocal technique then your singing tone automatically starts improving. Yet, there are a lot of other factors that play a big role in it which are worth a consideration for improving your tone.

Namely, these are:

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Undoubtedly, one of the essential things that you can work on to improve your singing on a whole basis is your breathing technique. Breathing plays a very big role in almost each and every major aspect of singing and many singers tend to fail to catch its right technique. In fact, problems related to breathing are usually on the top for almost each and every singer especially for those who have just started singing. Surprisingly, the right breathing technique for singing is not that hard to get but it does take time and efforts to get used to it which I guess many newbies aren’t ready or have the patience to put in.


Another easy and important element that can help improve your vocal tone is having a wide open mouth. But you gotta make sure that you do not put any unnecessary stress in order to do so. Just make it wide enough while you stay in your comfort zone. Now, you might be wondering how will this help? Opening your mouth widely will help you lift your soft palate which will, in turn, create a space in your mouth that will help you raise the quality of your singing tone.


Another common, popular, and essential term of singing is vibrato. Many singers suffer big time in obtaining it even the skilled ones and frankly speaking it is hard to get that natural vibrato. But if you are able to do so then you surely will have a big advantage added on your side as it will not only help you improve your tone but will also provide you an edge in your singing because of your overall enhanced singing skills. I wrote an article about obtaining vibrato naturally which you can check out if you are interested to know more about this. Here’s the link to the article 5 Tips For Obtaining The Correct Vibrato.


Let’s start with understanding what actually is a well-balanced voice. A well-balanced voice is the one by which you are able to sing both bright and warm songs without hurting yourself and without unpleasing your audience. In other words, it’s a voice with which you can sing both loud and slow-voiced songs. In the end, your ultimate goal should be to obtain this level of singing. And how exactly can you do that? Well, it will be needing tons of hard work, consistency, and dedication from your side on improving your overall singing skills.


If you sing as if you are speaking then you will have the element of being natural in your singing and on an overall basis singing like speaking sounds amazing because many people can’t do so. Furthermore, it will also help you out because in this case singing will become very easy for you even if you are going to sing the toughest song. Again, here’s an article to help you out with this area as well How To Sing Smoothly In A Row?.


You must understand that singing is an exercise. Surely, it’s fun and it brings a lot of joy but the basic concept behind it remains the same. And just like for any other exercise warming up before the actual performance is crucial. There are a number of warm up exercises that you can incorporate into your routine and many of these are very easy to perform. New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Saini wrote an amazing article regarding this topic which covered many vocal warm up exercises and you should definitely check it out. Here’s the link to that article Vocal Warm Ups – NYEE.


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