Creative Writing: How Should You Go Around It?

People, let’s talk about writing. To be precise let’s talk about various forms of writing.

So, how many can you imagine?

Technical, Literature, Academic, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Novels, Novellas, Biographies etc etc etc…

I mean literally, there are tons of forms of writing when combined as genres and sub-genres. But, where does creative writing comes into play here?

That’s the exact question that I have had for a long time until the last few days. And, I am more than sure that you have the same question in your mind too. Obviously, that’s why you are here (LOL!).

Now, without any further ado, I will dive right to the main point and answer your queries right away (well, most of them!).


What Is Creative Writing?


Before answering this query I want you to ask a question to yourself. Which thought comes to your mind when you try to define the term “creative writing”?

Ring any bells?

If it did then you would already be knowing what I am gonna say next. Either way, keep reading and you’ll find out.

Now, despite anything that you’ve heard or read about creative writing, the definition of it is very simple and is very much clear from its name itself. Trust me, I have spent many hours figuring that out (Haha).


The term “Creative Writing” stands for that very piece of writing which comes out of your own creativity, self-expressions, feelings, and emotions.


The quote above defines what creative writing is in a single line. Period.

Simply put, creative writing is anything which brings your creativity into place in such a way that it can be termed to as extra ordinary to normal forms of writing.

Most types of writing forms have some norms, practices, and rules that you’ve got to adhere to. There’s simply no choice. But that doesn’t apply when we talk about creative writing and this is the thing which differentiates it from others. And as you might’ve guessed by now, there are a lot of genres & sub-genres under this one single form.


Types Of Creative Writing


To be honest, there are so many types of creative writing that I simply can’t cover them all. Literally, the list is huge and above all, they are continuously evolving. So, I am gonna throw light on the most popular ones only.

But no need to worry. If you have a concern whether something falls under creative writing or not (if it’s not covered in this list) then feel free to send in a message to me.

As a rule of thumb, any writing that involves some sort of original creativity in its origin can be referred to as creative writing.

Anyways, here are its most popular forms:

#1. Essays, Stories, Novels, Novellas & Poetry

types of creative writing

I know I covered them all in one. But that’s because they are quite similar so I thought why not club them in one?

All of these forms are super popular among writers. Almost every other writer would be involved in writing at least one of them.

And one thing that all have in common?

Yup, you guessed it right. It’s the element of creativity, emotion, self-expression, and feelings.

But out of all these, essays face one exception. Sadly, not every essay is creative. Those essays which are bound by some rules and comes from facts and figures without any sort of creativity or self-expression can’t be referred to as a creative essay or more as a creative writing.

#2. Journals & Diaries

journal and diary

People usually confuse them as one but there’s a difference in them. Any written log could be referred to as a journal but the same can’t be said for a diary.

In a nutshell, a diary is that kind of journal in which you jot down the daily happenings of your life and it can be termed to as a specific kind of a journal.

#3. Screenplays


The movies that you watch, most of the advertisements that you see, the plays that you watch in theatres, the serials that you watch on TV or Netflix etc. are all a part of screen writing which ultimately is a part of creative writing.

It’s kind of digitized form of creative writing as it is served in a visual format. And the major reason behind it is that it appeals to the community which prefers to watch rather than to read.

#4. Songwriting

song writing

Which musician are you a fan of? Justin Beiber, Adele, Rhianna, Pitbull or maybe Selena Gomez? Do you know that the songs they write and sing actually fall under creative writing?

I am sure that you would be able to figure it out by yourself as to why it is so. And if you are into writing songs, now you know that you are a creative writer!

#5. Blogging

blog writing

Last but not the least (in this list), blogging is another popular form of creative writing. You’ll probably be knowing a bunch of bloggers in your group or maybe you’re a blogger yourself.

Blogs can literally be about anything that you can think of. So, it comes with a limitation when we talk about creative writing. Unless and until the 4 elements of creativity (see the definition in the beginning) are present in what you write, it can’t be referred to as creative writing.


Tips For Creative Writing


An article like this is complete only when it’s ended with sexy tips to help you out. Isn’t it?

So, here are a few helpful creative writing tips & tricks:

  • Read A Lot: The first step to writing is reading. Surprising? Reading helps you a lot in tons of different ways. It increases your understanding, provides you a better insight, increases your language skills, enhances your vocabulary and so on!


  • Does Your Plot Appeal?: There’s absolutely no doubt that the plot of your story contributes a lot in the end. So, spending a few extra hours to make it more worthwhile will definitely be in your best interest.


  • Change The Way You Think: This is a trick that we use in marketing but it is as much applicable here as well. Instead of thinking as a writer think as a reader. If there’s something that won’t appeal to you as a reader then change it right away without any second thoughts.


  • Don’t Fear Experiments: There’s one thing that many writers fear and that is, experimentation. And the biggest reason behind it is the 99% possibility of failure. But what if it lies in the remaining 1%? Have you ever thought about that? So, don’t run away from experimentation. Always go for it. Even if you fail you will definitely get to learn something.


  • The Golden Rule: I wanted to save the best for the last. My golden rule for all types of writing (not only just creative writing) is +2 revision. So, what is this? Simply put, it’s revising 2 more times than you actually planned on to. So, if you plan to revise for 3 times then by following the golden rule you must do it 5 times. Trust me, it makes a huge difference as it brings your piece close to perfection! Don’t you want to reach that level? I do and I know that you do too!


So, this is all I had to share with you all today regarding creative writing. I believe that it helped you out in some way or the other. And if it actually did then share up your thoughts in the comments section with all of us and don’t forget to share it up on your social media 🙂

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