How To Write A Resume v/s CV – Exploring The Difference

Been searching for some jobs? Haven’t ya?

If so, then you know how important your CV or resume (whatever you call it) is. Also, I am confident about the fact that until now you wouldn’t have even bothered to understand that there’s a difference in both (just like above).

It may sound surprising but there’s actually a big difference in a CV and a resume. People usually think that they are the same and use these terms interchangeably and by doing so they show their level of professionalism. I bet you don’t want to make this mistake especially in an interview which is for your dream job. What a nightmare it would be!

So, I decided to smash down the whole concept to provide you a clarity to the difference in between them and show you how to write a kickass CV as well as a resume.



Let’s get started!


Resume v/s CV – What’s The Difference?


I am not gonna go into a super technical language which is barely understandable rather I am gonna keep it short and right to the point.

What is a CV – A CV is a document that covers all essential details about you which include your basic information, education, experience, achievements, skills, talents, awards, recognitions, references etc. Simply put, it’s your complete biography tailored for representing your professional personality which is backed by some sort of authorities.

What is a Resume – A resume is a short document that summarizes (in concise) your education, skill level, work history, job goals & objectives etc.

Now, you might be thinking….. what’s the exact difference in between them?

So here’s a short & to the point list of that as well.

  1. Length: Resumes are short (usually no more than 1 page) but CV’s are super long (usually more than 2 pages).
  2. Customizability: For every job you apply to, CV’s may stay the same but resumes will be tailored specifically to that job.
  3. Purpose: CV’s are offered to provide an in-depth detail about your professional personality. They cover almost everything about you. However, on the other side, resumes are used for providing a brief summary about your job-specific talents + education + work history. They are majorly used for what I would call as preliminary screening. It’s a more or less a bulleted list of what separates you from the crowd.

Now, that you have understood what exactly is a CV and what exactly is a resume, it’s time to find out how to write each one of them. Feel free to leave a comment down below if you still have questions about a CV and a resume and their difference.


How To Write A Kickass CV & Resume?


I am gonna be straight forward here. You can find a lot of articles around the web that teach you how to write a CV or resume. Some are good and some are worse but there is sure lots of info out there. And in such a crowd it’s gonna be pretty hard to decide on to actually what you should be doing in order to write a mind blowing piece.

So, what I am gonna do is hand over to you my way of writing a CV and resume that is gonna kick the ass of any other piece out there provided you follow my instructions properly. And I am not gonna offer the same basic crap that you see everywhere. Trust me it’s gonna be unique and epic.


But before we can actually proceed you first need to know the way in which you should write a CV and resume. Only then will you be able to make it sexy!

So, here is a sample format of a CV and a resume.


A sample CV


A sample resume


By now you might have understood greatly what a CV is and what a resume is. I am not gonna delve any further into its basics and the format. If you want to read more details about it then there are many other good articles out there focused solely on this topic and nothing will beat a simple Google search for this purpose.

I want this article to actually add some unique value to what you already know and that’s exactly what I am gonna give to you.

So let’s begin writing a kickass CV and resume using my method.


#1. Add That WOW Factor

Understanding this point is no brainer. And if you have some marketing tactics in you then you know what I am talking about here. Imagine yourself as your employer. He would probably have 100’s of CV’s and resumes lying in front of him.

Imagine yourself as your employer. He would probably have 100’s of CV’s and resumes lying in front of him.

So, what will make you stand out? Are you gonna throw in some old vague traditional like CV and resume just like others?


The only way to multiply your chances to be actually considered is to make your piece look damn appealing. Now, you may not be the golden nugget in all of those CV’s and resumes when we talk about skills and talent but you can do one thing to outrank those golden nuggets too.

The thing is, if you make your piece look more attractive then the employer will already start to like you and give you a better preference. That’s a psychological effect which works everywhere. It’s like adding makeup to an ugly face which turns out to a model looking face as an end result (LMFAO!!). True story though!

Anyways, the best way to make your piece look more appealing is to add those sexy graphics to the old traditional look. You’re living in a modern world so why follow the traditional outlook?

The above example (image) that I showed for the sample CV is the exact thing I am talking about. How many CV’s or resumes like these is your employer likely to get for a specific job? One or maybe two if he’s lucky (Haha!).


#2. Don’t Be Shy

Okay, so one thing that I find kind of amusing is people being shy in their CV’s and resumes. I know you must make it look professional and you are a bit introvert type and don’t want to share everything with others and stuff.

But have you ever thought of sharing a bit about your personal life, thoughts, and experiences in such documents in a molded way?

I bet not!

You see, if you share a couple of things about you in a person which is molded along with the professional stuff that you’ve offered then it would have a great positive impact on the reader. And it’s a psychological factor again. People love to explore the lives of other people and at places like these, it’s rare to happen.

But don’t start filling your data up with just personal stuff. You should actually make it look professional. As a rule of thumb, only 5-10% should be personal stuff and that too in a molded way and the rest should be totally professional.


#3. Are You Making A Fool Of Yourself?

I am gonna say this only once. Get your lazy ass off to work if you actually want to stand out. Period.

Manier times I have noticed that people hand out same CV’s and resumes to a number of places without even altering them a bit. And I know the thing that goes around everywhere. Offer the same CV, only alter the resume and blah blah blah…

I mean WHY? Literally! Are you really so stupid?

I know it saves you time and hard work but it also makes your chances of cracking a job to ZERO!!!

Always, try your best to match your CV and resume to the specific role you are applying for. I don’t care how long it takes to do so but you gotta do it every single time.

Do it like this….

Make a basic template. Then start adding and editing things in it as and when required. Also, keep your picture updated and always give it a professional touch because an image speaks a thousand words.


#4. Show Off Your Efforts

For any job you apply, you first need to spend a couple of hours studying about the company, the job, and specifically the potential key players in the company, its goals, trends, social happenings etc.

Take your time and do the research. It’s gonna pay off big time in the end.

Once you have your research in you need to make sure that you formulate your CV and resume in such a way that you add up that research into it in one way or the other.

This way, the employer will get to know you are pretty serious about this job and will take every word you offer pretty seriously because you are well aware of the happenings around here. And your chances of cracking this position will hike up like anything because in this fast pace world no one pays attention to the details.

So, these 4 simple steps, tips, method (whatever you wanna call it) are the things that will make your CV and resume stand out from the crowd. And mark my words, it’s really gonna kick the ass of your competition if you actually follow them.

Don’t believe me?

Just give it a try!!!

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