Use These 7 Tips To Stand Out As A Freelance Writer

So, you been thinking of doing some freelance writing to boost up your career, eh? Or I would assume that you are already a freelance writer and are getting frustrated on this overwhelming competition? Or maybe you are just looking for some tips on freelance writing and stuff…

Whatever the case maybe, writing as a freelancer is super fun but cracking a job this way is getting harder and harder unless you’ve some crazy portfolio backing you up.

There are a lot of opportunities available for a freelance writer but finding your way in especially for the first time a toughie 🙁

But, there are a few cheats/hacks that you can follow to make sure that you have eyeballs rolling over your pitch 🙂

And I guarantee you that this is not some stupid sh*t. It actually works if you follow it correctly.


Alright, let’s begin!


#1. Write A Custom Cover Letter

cover letter

So, I see this happening a lot, especially in this sector. Whenever I am out looking for some freelance writers and I post a listing on some freelancing platforms like Upwork, all I get is the same copied and pasted cover letters from like 80-90% of the applicants.

I mean are you really serious? Have you even read what I posted in the description? If so, then what the hell is this!!!

If you actually want a job you gotta make sure that your employer gets to know about it and your cover letter is the first impression for it.

I know copying and pasting the same thing over and over again on a mass saves a lot of time and it will even get you a job but is it actually worth it? HELL NO!!!

Trust me, identifying such cover letters isn’t that hard and for an experienced employer, it will be very clear if it’s a custom or just the regular stuff.

So, to make sure that you actually stand a chance of cracking a job, always send a custom cover letter. And it shouldn’t stay at custom only. You need to make it precise and attractive too. And the best way to achieve it is by using formatting options.


#2. Send In A Tailored CV & Resume

resume and cv

For all of those who don’t know, yes, there’s a difference in a CV & Resume. I’ve actually covered an in-depth article on what is a CV and what is a Resume plus how you can write a kickass version of them to make sure you shine like a diamond. It’s a short guide on it. You can check this out here if you are interested How To Write A CV v/s Resume – Exploring The Difference.

So, what do I mean by sending in a tailored CV & Resume?

I am gonna put it in a very simple way. So, you have spent like 5-10 quality hours on formulating a superb CV as well as a resume and you are attaching it to every other job you apply to hoping that it’s gonna rock your world. But is it gonna happen? Well, sometimes yes, but most of the times NO!


You need to understand that your job doesn’t end on just setting up kickass portfolio documents. You need to edit it on an ongoing basis as and when required (based on the job you apply for). Only then your CV and Resume will actually be considered as a superb one.


#3. Get Personalized


Okay, so this is the secret to every long term relationships. But it starts at the foundation level itself, which many freelancers ignore or fail to understand. Remember it guys, personalization is the key!!!

Getting personalized with your client will have a psychological effect on your client and chances are he/she will respond back in the same way too and this will lead to a better mutual understanding, liking, and flexibility, all of which will lead to a stronger bond between you and your client. Oh, and it brings a lot more business!!!

But, don’t just keep getting personal and personal and forget about who you are actually dealing with. Keep the personal things on the lower side and always give your work the first preference.


#4. Add References


You’d be like, but I am already doing so. Yes, you may be doing so already but are you doing it in the correct way? I guess not!

Many freelancers make the mistake of not providing references straight hand. I understand that you may not be having over-the-top references but a couple of mediocre level references will do the job most of the times. It will provide a sense of satisfaction to the buyer that you got someone backing you up and you are not afraid to show it.

Mostly, what employers see in the CV’s and Resume’s is, “Reference Available Upon Request”? Now, will I take the time to contact you again for references? Meh….. Only if you really top out your competition then, yes.

So, what you gotta do is, add up a couple of references straight away along with a small attractive testimonial in quote style (or something like it) to make it much more appealing.


#5. Don’t Drop Your Prices


You might be thinking that in this cut throat competition the only way you could get a job is by offering your services for pennies…..right?

But is that correct?



Surprisingly, over 95% of the freelancers are ready to negotiate and drop off their prices from heights for getting a job. But if you do the exact opposite you will definitely stand out and will surely get a quality consideration. This is because there will be an image created in the employer’s mind that if it is costly then it is probably something good. And if he/she provides you such an opportunity then it would be much better than 10’s of low paying jobs.

But don’t get too greedy. Keep your prices in the reasonable limit otherwise, you won’t be cracking a single job.

That’s the exact way how a brand works. But for a brand to stay well established, it has to ensure quality. Same goes for you too.


#6. Send In Tailored Samples

content samples

This point is somewhat similar to sending in a custom CV and resume. Just like you send in a custom CV and resume you must also send in tailored samples as well.

You don’t need to edit your articles or anything like that. All you gotta do is to get smart enough to understand what you need to send in. You may have handpicked a couple of your best articles for sending in as samples but are they worth it enough to your client. That’s maybe a yes and maybe a no.

As a rule of thumb, you should send a total of 3 samples. One you should send in your best ever article. The rest two must be according to what your employer is looking for. If you don’t have experience in the required field then ask for a paid trial but avoid sending random samples.


#7. Show Off Your Knowledge


So, you are a maestro of writing, hm? You know almost everything about it and have acquired tons of experience and knowledge but are facing a hard time getting a job. I know, it happens 🙁

So, what is the best way to deal with this issue?

Showing off your knowledge is one way to go around it. But you gotta be smart in the way you do it. Don’t be aggressive and keep flaunting about it. Rather give your client hints on how knowledgeable you are by explaining little terms and concepts while talking to him.

This way you will be teaching your client as well and will automatically land into his good graces and you will most likely crack the interview.


These are tips that you can use as a freelance writer (or in other places) to literally crush your competition and make an impact! If there’s something that you feel have been missed then feel free to share it in the comments section below 🙂

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