5 Writing Exercises & Habits That Will Skyrocket Your Career

Becoming a successful writer isn’t easy. There are a lot of risks and challenges along the way and only if you are dedicated enough towards your goals will you be able to become successful one day.

But then come shortcuts (LOL!)…

So am I saying there are shortcuts to success?



There are a few ways, which I like to call writing exercises and habits, by which you will get one step closer to success without doing much. They work the same way as supplements work in bodybuilding (just giving an example).

Are they absolutely necessary? No!

But, if applied correctly they will definitely provide results 🙂

So, what are these writing exercises and habits that I am talking about? You might be wondering about it by now…

That’s why I am gonna dive right into it…


#1. Reading


I think I have covered this one many times in my articles. Reading is by far the best writing exercise/practice/habit (whatever you wanna call it) that you can follow right now.

It is very interesting, doesn’t require much effort, and is so fun to do. But most of all it provides results. Bigtime!

The results you are gonna get (as far as your writing skills are concerned) by applying it into your daily routine will be huge. And you will start experiencing the difference from Day 1!

Moreover, there are a lot more benefits of reading. I am thinking of writing a complete article on it so make sure you stick around to check out that one too.

There are no parameters as to what you have to read and how much you have to read. But, the more the merrier 🙂 You can literally read whatever you want and your writing skills will definitely have a positive effect from it. I personally recommend reading novels and novellas from other writers because, in my opinion, they prove out to be the most beneficial of all.


#2. Idea Exploration

idea exploration

Okay, so this one is my personal favorite. Yes, I like it even more than reading stuff. But, that’s just my opinion (LOL!).

So what is this idea exploration?

I’ll put it like this…… Imagine you are sitting on a chair, just grabbing your morning latte and some really interesting ideas come back and forth in your mind. And after some time you just forget about them and move on with your daily chores and stuff.

But the key with idea exploration is different. You see, these little thoughts that come to your mind can prove out to be really helpful. What I like to do is take some notes of the thoughts that come in and whenever I get the time I just write whatever comes to my mind regarding that stuff.

It’s not to sell to my readers or to please someone but just for myself. It helps a lot to get to know yourself and improve the way of your writing. And trust me, it will bring in wonders if you keep doing it regularly!

Plus you never know which idea might become your next winner!


#3. Diary Writing

diary writing

Diaries are a great way to keep a track of all the good and the bad things of your life. It helps you to jot down your emotions when no one is there to listen. And it’s kinda addictive.

But is that all to it?


Do you know that writing a diary on regular basis can help you in writing as well?

Well, now you know (LOL!).

Writing a diary not only improves your writing skills but it will also help you enhance the level of emotions you put into your writing. As you know, it’s all about the bond with the reader and diary writing can help you strengthen your skills at it.


#4. Blogs


Ahh, a blog!

Maintaining a blog is a complete necessity for every writer out there. It’s 100% compulsion rather than an option if you are actually serious about writing professionally.

But why?

There’s a good logic behind it.

People love to get to know about the people they admire. And a big example of this is celebrities. Which one do you like? Aren’t you interested in his/her personal life? Won’t you like being connected to him/her by one medium or the other? The answer to all such questions is a big YES without any second thoughts.

The same thing applies here too.

Think yourself as a celebrity and your readers as your fans. They totally love to get to know about you and your personal life.

And blogging isn’t just about that too. You can share your knowledge with your readers, provide them personal training, chit-chat with them, and even turn this whole concept into a new stream of profits if you may.

Blogging is a very powerful concept and its benefits are literally limitless. So, if you want to write professionally then blogging is a must.


#5. Dictionary Exploration

dictionary exploration

Another very powerful yet underutilized writing exercise is dictionary exploration. We all have a dictionary (small or big) at our homes. And nowadays, you can even find a huge amount of dictionary apps for your smartphone.

But why is that we often ignore its importance and use it only and when there’s a sort of emergency?

A dictionary is a very powerful substance for a writer. It can take your vocabulary and language knowledge from a total noob to the top expert level. And I like to follow the traditional route to it.

What I like to do and suggest you do is go to the market and purchase the biggest dictionary you can find. You can even do that online if you don’t feel like walking or traveling.

Once you have that big-ass dictionary in your hand, it’s time to put it to use.

Make a habit to cover around 1-2 pages once in a day for 2 days. You don’t need to cram it. Just go through those couple of pages for 2 days simultaneously and move on. Rinse and repeat this process every day by increasing the number of pages you cover each day gradually.

Trust me, it works. You won’t be remembering the exact meaning of each every word you’ve read but your knowledge will increase vastly and it really helps a lot while writing. Some will stay in your mind some will not. But this exercise surely is powerful 🙂

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