5 Lucrative Ways To Write More Engaging Content

We all love when one of our posts receives thousands of shares, top search engine rankings, tons of likes, and hundreds of comments. In the terms of content marketing, that is what is called a successful piece of content.

But why is that only some of our posts are able to win this game?

Hint: Read the post title again…

Yes, that is correct!

It’s the edge of content being more engaging that it is able to receive such sort of activity. Sadly, many writers know this fact but they aren’t able to bring it into practice.

And the reason behind this is they don’t know the right way of writing engaging content. (Don’t worry, we gonna solve it in this article :-))


Writing content is a skill but writing engaging content is an art.


Regardless of the purpose of your writing, whether it be for your blog, your client, or some random article that you just thought up of writing, engaging content always pays off!!!

And the best part of all is that readers love reading such stuff because it’s so fun to read!

Enough talking now. Let’s get to the main content.

I know that you guys are excited to know about this stuff so I am gonna dive right into the sexy stuff…


#1. No Bullshit, Just Value

no bullshit

This is perhaps the number one thing that separates a normal piece of content from engaging content.

I mean seriously… Content is everywhere but how much of it is actually valuable? See?

If we talk about valuable content then out of all those billions of articles only a fraction will stand out. And these are the ones that actually get the attention of everyone if they are well marketed.

I see so many writers doing this wrong. They just keep adding on stuff that is very common, isn’t of much value and in the worst case scenario completely garbage.

But how do you know that the stuff you are writing is valuable?

It’s simple yet many fail to understand this concept.

As a rule of thumb, if your article teaches you something and to the reader in your opinion, is unique and is actually helpful in reality, isn’t filled with fluffy info from here and there, and is actually fun to read, then you can say that it is offering some value.


#2. Talk To Your Reader

talking with reader

This is also where many writers get things wrong. And honestly, I really don’t understand why they do so?

Put it like this. You are writing an article to teach something to someone or like just providing some info to someone then why is that you write as if you were teaching to a robot? 

Writing is a means of communication with people, not dummies! So, at least make it look like one. Though there is an exception of some forms like essays and biographies and a few other similar types of content but for the rest, it isn’t. 

And talking to your reader isn’t much difficult also! Try to write as if you are talking to your reader (take this article for an example), add some things for your reader to do, connect with them and try to be creative! Trust me, they’ll appreciate it. 

Top Tip: Try to make the use of word “you” to refer your reader as many times as reasonably possible.


#3. Keep It Short & Precise

 short and precise

I’ve seen many writers trying it so hard to forcefully elongate their content just to add a couple hundred extra words to it so that it doesn’t look short.

I know that writing long content is good for SEO and stuff but what is the benefit if it provides no real value to the user and is boring as hell!!!  

Do you really think such a piece is gonna help you grow? For a few, maybe yes, but for the most, it’s a BIG NO!!!.  

There’s really no need to do this. Rather you should always keep your article to the point and write for the readers, not for the search engine crawlers (Google themselves say so!). Time is precious and no one likes to waste it especially if it’s a boring thing.  

So keep it short, make it precise and always write for your reader.


#4. Add Tons of Media

Credits: Flickr @JamesNash


As you might have already heard, “A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words”. I want you to know one thing about this. This quote is 100% correct if your picture is related to whatever you are writing. And it’s one of those crucial things that every writer learns at the beginner stage of writing (Obviously, if you are following a nice guide!).  

Nowadays, people prefer visual content over text content because it’s more interesting, more appealing and is easy to digest.  

So, add some images to your awesome article and maybe throw a couple of helpful videos in there and you will notice a big change in your site’s interaction rate. 

Don’t believe me? Why do you think infographics, gifs, and memes are so popular right now?


#5. Getting The Design Right

right design

Just like there are designs in clothing, painting, crafts and a whole lot of other things, there are designs in writing as well.  

And getting the right one is a must if you want to make your content engaging.

The design of your content is actually the structure of the article and the way in which you present it.

Your website design also plays a big role in this. Coz, let’s face it. If your website design is garbage then even a top quality article will not look much appealing but if you turn the table the other way around then the picture is completely different.  

In short, all you need to do to get the design right is to present the information in well-structured format. Don’t write everything in a single or a couple of paragraphs, add bullets and numbers to present points, provide proper heads and subheads, make the proper use of bold and italics, close your article in a good way and make sure that you website design is classy!

Obviously, this thing doesn’t end here. I haven’t listed them all and probably missed many because, in the end, it’s all about creativity! The more creative you get (on the good side) the better it will get 🙂


So, these are the tips that I had to share with you all to actually make your content more engaging. Did you found this post engaging? What’s your opinion about my tips? Perhaps you might wanna try em and lemme know what results it brings in for you in the comments section down below? Whatever it is, bring it on!!!

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