How To Write A Novel? Follow These Simple Steps!

We all love reading those interesting, thriller, and romantic novels. I have rarely met a person who is into reading and is not a fond of reading novels.

What I’ve noticed is that some people are usually reluctant to reading novels at the start but once they do….well you can imagine how it goes down there!

Reading novels is fun and writing such novels is even more fun for a passionate writer. Trust me, once you start writing novels you won’t be able to stop the temptation for writing more and more.

But, the bitter part here is getting started with writing novels. Writers usually get struck around this query, how do I write a novel? How can I get started with writing novels? What’s the correct way for doing it? And many more questions like that…

Understand this….There’s no right or wrong way in writing. You can do it in the way you like but yes there are certain guidelines which you can follow to produce better results.

So, how do you get started with writing novels?

I am gonna show you 5 simple steps which you can follow to get started.

#1. Understand The Basic Concept


The first thing you should do before you even get started is to understand the concept of a novel. For this, I suggest you read a couple of novels if you haven’t already done so.

Novels are like the hotshot of creative writing. It’s one of the most popular forms of creative writing which is by far loved the most all over the globe.

So, now you know that writing novels is creative writing and it’s very much clear right away that you need to add some kick-ass creativity to it to make your novel stand out.

And all that can be done by brainstorming ideas and bringing up the right motivation.

Jot down a couple of plots, think about a couple of storylines, make a list of your characters, do some research about what people like and what they don’t plus what’s trending right now, and follow a few more similar steps like these to get started.

#2. Get To Know Your Audience


This is the step that plays the foundation role in writing your novel. Every established or even a good writer will know his audience like the back of his hand.

You got to do such immense research of your audience that it feels like there’s a deep connection between you and them from the inside. Only then will you be able to craft that masterpiece.

And understanding your audience isn’t that hard too! For a few pointers, here are the things that you can do right now to get started:

  • Participate in relative communities and forums to see what people are talking about. Keep a lookout for the common subjects and topics to find hot trends.
  • Reach out to the established authors for a little help in this part. Ask out for their experiences and any tips they have to share with you. They’ll probably do even more than that 🙂
  • Follow a few sites in the same niche (just like ours!). You will find tons of information there to help you out.

#3. Set Up Your Schedule & Timeline

schedule and timeline

Setting up your routine is very crucial for efficient and effective working. Take a minute to think what you do every day and find out time slots in between for writing your novel.

You need to set up a daily schedule and set up a realistic timeline for completing your work. Don’t set up a timeline that is too short neither go for too long. Just set up an ideal timeline. I would recommend a timeline of approximately 3 months from the day you begin writing for completing your novel.

Another thing that I recommend you to do is set up milestones. Set up weekly milestones for yourself distributed evenly across your timeline which you’ve got to fulfill no matter what. This will help you stay on track and actually complete your work in the predicted timeframe.

#4. Write Your First Draft

first draft

Next, comes writing your first draft. But before doing that I recommend you start with a basic outline.

Just put up small tips and pointers for yourself as to how you are gonna put up things in your novel (the basic stuff) for getting a rough idea on how things will go.

Only once you are finished setting up a basic outline should you proceed towards writing your first draft. Don’t worry if a few things go wrong here. Just make sure you complete what you started and don’t give up halfway.

#5. Final Touch-Ups


This is the point where everything will fall into one place. Your first draft isn’t going to be perfect, it never is! But giving it final touch-ups will make it perfect.

And final touch-ups aren’t going to be as straight and easy as it sounds. It will involve a lot of time-consuming and complex things that you got to do with full concentration. Coz this is the place where all the editing, additions, revisions, and wrapping up is going to take place.

In short, it is finalizing your first draft for public presentation and you surely don’t want this presentation to be ugly. Am I right or am I right? Haha!!

So, these are the steps you can follow right now for writing your first novel. Were they helpful? Let us know in the comments down below!

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