3 Writing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Now!

Have you ever thought about the mistakes you make while writing stuff? And I am not talking about the usual mistakes like typographical errors, grammatical errors and some other common language mistakes. I am talking about something different here which I will talk about in just a couple of minutes.

Anything that might have felt awkward while writing but you haven’t been able to trace it down?

Now, what I believe is that many writers get too involved with what they are writing to identify the unnoticeable writing mistakes (at first glance) they are making. I am not saying that getting involved with whatever you love to write is not a good thing, it actually is, but to a certain extent only. There’s like a line as sleek as a thread between a good involvement level and a bad involvement level.

And surprisingly many writers fall into the second category.

So, today I decided to share the top 3 mistakes that I have found writers are making way too much in their writing no matter whatever you are writing. It’s the same everywhere.


#1. Not Making Your Stuff Interesting Enough


But you’d be like, I think what I write is interesting! Trust me, most of the times it’s not 🙁 I know it’s harsh but that is the truth, my friend.

This is perhaps the number one thing that I see almost everywhere. I know it because I used to be in the same position and have learned the right manner the hard way about a couple of months back only. There are some articles on this site which fall into this category too. I know! I am fixing it (Hehe).

So many writers are getting things wrong by not making their information interesting. And surprisingly I’ve seen this happening in novels too. They are like the most interesting forms of writing and it gets boring there too!!!

And the number one indicator for finding this biggest deviation is actually quite simple. If it sounds boring to you when you read it then it’s gonna definitely end up boring for your audience. Even if there’s a blink of boringness in there, it will get boring to a certain extent for a large number of your audience.

There are a number of ways you can follow to make your piece interesting. For instance,

  • Write shorter sentences.
  • Keep your paragraphs short.
  • Don’t use tough vocabulary all the time. People are not robots with a dictionary in their mind.
  • Write in active voice as much as possible.
  • And last but not the least, just make the damn piece more interesting. Add some fun in there! Who doesn’t like to have fun?


#2. Making It All-Text

no images

Okay, so this mistake literally amuses me. Whenever I come across something like this I laugh so hard at this mistake of the writer.

Writing it all-text?

Like, seriously?

You gotta understand that we are living in 2017, not in 90’s or maybe early 2000’s. Nowadays, no one got the time to read so long hefty texts unless and until it’s supported by some crazy media.

For some pieces adding media may become optional like technical writing and pieces less than 300 words but for the rest, if you are not adding any media, you are making one of the biggest mistakes you ever can.

And if you’ve already done this and have been quite frustrated with your stats. Well, now you know what you’ve been doing wrong. Adding all text with absolutely no media is gonna make your piece way too boring and no one likes to read a boring text.

There are a lot of choices in media which you can opt for such as images (the most popular type), videos, gifs, infographics etc etc etc.

And it doesn’t take much time too!


#3. Stuffing Up


Another common mistake that writers make is stuffing up content. There are 2 aspects of it.

  1. In-General.
  2. For SEO Purposes.

Now, we gonna cover them up one by one.


Now, I know that you love to offer as much information as possible to your audience but you gotta understand one thing. There’s nothing wrong in offering tons of information to your users but doing it all in one single place is. You need to learn to split up.

For any given topic, you can pop out endless information if you truly know that stuff but it would be very overwhelming for the user to take it in a single go or even multiple ones if it’s too huge.

And if you want to deliver a really huge article then learn the correct way of formatting to deliver your information correctly. This way it will get easier for the user to benefit from the info without getting overwhelmed.

For SEO Purposes

I know, I know, making your content lengthy will actually get you better ranking at Google. But do you know that for this one little thing you are compromising over many others? Ever thought about it from this perspective?

SEO’s need to get one thing in their DNA especially the newcomers or the moderate ones. And that is, PEOPLE ARE NOT ROBOTS!!!

You want to rank high. Fair enough. But if you’re sacrificing on the quality of your content by adding too many irrelevant things just to make your content long enough or are way too focused on keywords (normal and LSI) then you are gonna reach nowhere. For any article, a length of 800-1,000 words is sufficient enough unless and until you are writing a guide sort of thing.

Keep it simple, short, precise and quality stuff for people’s consumption. Period.


So, these are the top 3 mistakes that writers usually make but often ignore them. Are these the ones that you make or we missed something? Let us know in the comments down below 🙂

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