What Is Free Writing? How & Why Should You Do It?

Imagine writing just for fun without any worries about making mistakes or following any rules, regulations, deadlines, and guidelines you normally follow while writing anything formally.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Well, that what free writing is all about. Technically speaking, free writing is nothing more than a general tool or an exercise followed by writers to brainstorm new ideas & concepts and to improve their skills.

Since the significance of the concept of free writing is too small, so many writers tend to ignore doing it. In fact, many writers aren’t even aware of the term“freewriting”. It feels ironic to me!

If you tell a newbie writer to free write then he would just be like, meh….He would probably think of it as a joke feeling that there are many ways to better utilize his time than to free write. But ask any experienced writer and he would say freewriting? I do it regularly dear!

So, before I come down on its how-to, I would first like to clear its why-to. Hehe!


Why Should You Free Write?


Today’s human psychology says that if something is not beneficial to you then it’s probably not worth your time. True?

And this psychology is the single most reason why many writers don’t free write.

But what if I told you that by following this one simple practice every day, it could lead to your brighter career as a writer and that too for sure. Would you do it now? You bet your a$$ you would.

And I am not throwing bonkers around here. I’ve got stuff to back up my claims.

Go on and take a good look at it.


#1. Ideas Invention

ideas and inventions

If you’ve been writing for a while you must be knowing how hard it is to bring in those writing prompts. Surely some ideas pop up in your mind and fade away but on how many of them would you likely give it a shot. Very few to say, right?

But when you start following the practice of freewriting the same thing doesn’t apply anymore. That frequency of having ideas on which you are likely to bet and start writing formally starts increasing. It’s like your brainstorming abilities have been amplified.

Well, that’s one super thing that free writing does!


#2. Creativity Boost

boost creativity

Creative writing is a toughie. You know it and I do too. Though it sounds fun and easy to do but after a certain time, your creativity doesn’t work anymore. It’s like it has been paused or totally gone. What a pity!

Thanks to free writing, stuff like this will happen very rarely if you follow this practice regularly. Why? This is because by writing freely you’re opening your mind every day which is boosting your creativity each and every day leading to which your creativity will rarely tend to run out.


#3. Writing Speed

writing speed

Another important thing which many people tend to ignore is the speed they write their stuff in. How’s your speed? How many pages or words can you write in a day on an average? For some it would be low, for many it would be moderate and for a very few it would be super fast.

Whatever your speed is right now, being able to write even faster without compromising on quality is generally very beneficial for you. And if you’ve been following free writing for quite a while now, expect your writing speed to increase by as much as 3x your original speed.

Amazing, isn’t it?


#4. Overcoming Writer’s Block

stop writer's block
Credits: CorbisCorporation @Flickr

Generally speaking, a writer’s block is anything that inhibits a writer from doing his/her work i.e writing! It is a condition where you would just won’t be able to produce anything new and it’s kinda related with getting exhausted of your creative abilities as mentioned above in point #2.

Now, the problem of writer’s block is much more common than your anticipation. Almost every writer faces it at a certain point of time and it may come back often.

You may also have experienced it before without even knowing it!

Have you ever been in a situation where you were just not able to write something good no matter how hard you tried? If yes, then that was probably writer’s block!

But, guess what! You follow the practice of free writing and you say goodbye to the problem of writer’s block for good.

Don’t believe me? Just give it a shot!


Now, these are only a bunch of benefits that I’ve talked about which I felt were the most major ones. There are many other benefits of free writing that you’ll experience and I would love to know all of them. So make sure you jot all of that down in the comments down below.

Moving forward now 🙂


How To Free Write?


The best thing about free writing is it is as easy as drinking a cup of coffee! Seriously, the effort needed from your end is very less and the correspondent benefits you are gonna gain are huge.

Free writing is like an addictive drug. The more you do it the more you get addicted to it.

Anyways, the process of doing free writing involves only two steps.

  1. Decide at what time slot in your schedule and for how much time you would like to free write. Recommended is 10-15 minutes every day.
  2. Start writing!

That’s all it is there to it.

Just don’t think much and write about whatever comes to your mind. Maybe it’s about the girl/boy you hung out with this Saturday night or maybe it’s about this episode of your favorite series you saw in the evening or maybe it’s about something you wish had happened. You can literally write about anything that you can think of.

Don’t hesitate. Just Write!!!!

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