5 Types Of Meditations You Should Bring Into Your Routine

The concept of meditation is very vast and it is one of the many things that is yet not fully understood by us. Different religions, different cultures, and different meditators exhibit different knowledge about meditation.

There’s still a lot of room for discovery in the area of meditation. Fortunately, awareness about meditation is spreading across masses and people from all over the globe are delving into the wonders of this practice.

Still, from all that we know about meditation, it is very much clear that including it in your daily routine is one of the best things you can do.

So, today I decided to tell you about the 5 types of meditations which are the most popular and the most beneficial of all. Surely, there are many types of meditations even those which we still don’t know about. But as of now, you should try to add in at least one of these 5 types into your daily regime that I am gonna tell you in a couple of seconds.

I am sure sparing 10 minutes from your busy schedule wouldn’t be much of a pain. And if you think it does then maybe you should take a quick peek at the benefits of meditation once. Maybe you will be forced to change your mind then (LOL!).

Anyways, here are the 5 types of meditations that I am bragging about from the start.


#1. Mindfulness Meditation

In my opinion, mindfulness meditation is the best type of meditation for a beginner. And for a normal person (like yourself) it is the way to go. If you’re really looking forward to adding meditation to your routine (which you should) then this is the place with which you need to start with.

Mindfulness meditation is fairly easy to do and it offers immense benefits to its practitioner even at very early stages. No need to meditate for years to track your results with this one!

The concept behind this meditation is also very easy to understand. In simple terms, it will help you realize your truer self and will help you connect with the world spiritually. Meaning is that it will bring in clarity to your life ­čÖé

I’ve actually covered all about mindfulness meditation and beginner practices for meditation in the guide I created for people just like you i.e beginners! You can check it out here –┬áThe Complete Meditation Guide For Beginners: Meaning, How-To, Tips & More!


#2. Transcendental Meditation

Now this one is quite a mouthful (Hehe). Nevertheless, it is as popular as mindfulness and is used to bring in inner peace. It is a way to achieve relaxed awareness.

If you have a lot of negative and unwanted thoughts which you would prefer not to come then transcendental meditation is the one for you. It will help eradicate such issues.

Following this meditation practice is also a no-brainer. In layman terms, all you do is repeat a mantra. However, I do recommend on performing this type of meditation under a certified guru to actually reap all of its benefits and ensure that you do it properly.


#3. Vipassana Meditation

Many people tend to confuse mindfulness and vipassana meditation thinking that they mean the same. In a broader sense, they actually do but there is a difference in both.

You can say that vipassana meditation is a specific kind of meditation whereas mindfulness meditation is a general kind of meditation under the same category.

To be precise, mindfulness brings in a clarity of what’s happening around you whereas vipassana brings an insight to that clarity.

You’d be surprised to know that vipassana meditation was one of the 3 types of meditations which the Buddha used to teach to his disciples back in the day. So, you know that it is of great significance.

However, vipassana meditation is not for everyone and especially not for beginners simply because you need a good experience before you proceed towards this route.

So, I would suggest to start and master mindfulness first and then hover onto this one.


#4. Chakra Meditation

Our body is made up of 7 chakras in total that are arranged from the spinal cord from bottom to top of the human body. Namely, these 7 chakras are:

  1. Root Chakra
  2. Sacral Chakra
  3. Solar Chakra
  4. Heart Chakra
  5. Throat Chakra
  6. Third Eye Chakra
  7. Crown Chakra

Our energy flows through these seven chakras. To ensure a proper flow of energy it is essential to keep these chakras away from any blockages which is rarely found among people.

Clearing blockages for each chakra calls in for a specific meditation and it is often done under a guru who has in-depth knowledge about these. It is advisable not to do anything stupid if you aren’t fully aware of what you are doing because a wrong step, in this case, can cause a lot of harm on your side.

Bear in mind, once started you cannot stop until you open up all of your chakras.

Remember the old cartoon that used to air on the channel Nick? The Avatar? Ring any bells?

Here’s a video from that animated series that will help you understand how to open up all of your chakras. Though a cartoon but the information provided in it is precise and absolutely correct.


#5. Chi/Qi Gong Meditation

Last but not the least is the chi/qi (whatever you like to call it) gong meditation. Chi refers to the life force within our body. It refers to the energy that flows within us.

Chi meditation helps in the manipulation of this life force. The super famous Dragon Ball series is based on this concept. The energy balls that they fire are, in reality, chi balls.

So, what am I trying to say? Is all of this possible in real life?

The answer to this question is surprising for many but the truth is, it is indeed possible!

However, in the series, the characters even at beginner stages are shown at a very superior state of this type of meditation (which is possible to reach in real life but is very unlikely to happen). So, if you are able to achieve that state in reality then who knows maybe you will be the real-life Goku (Hehe).

There have been a few cases where people have been able to manipulate their life force. Most of them can do so to very limited extent and the manipulation is usually not visible to the eye but can only be felt. Some Buddhists Monks, however, have been able to achieve to advanced level of this meditation and have shown the abilities of Reiki Healing, igniting a fire using chi, levitation etc.

Chi meditation is largely dependent on your focus, mind-control, and visualization capacity. You can try a simple method to feel your chi at home. Sit in a comfortable position and follow the practice of mindfulness meditation to bring in your mind to meditative state. Next, focus on your solar/nabhi chakra as a bright ball of white light and visualize the energy channelizing from this chakra to your palms. Soon, you will feel a warm sensation in your hands. And when you will try to close your hands you will feel a sort of magnetic repulsion. This is chi.


So, these are the top 5 types of meditation which you should try to follow in your daily life (at least one). Let us know your experiences with them in the comments section down below or if we’ve missed any.

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