How To Do Transcendental Meditation?

People today are facing so many problems and usually, the reason for all of these problems are up in your mind. It’s your thoughts that make you and not the other way around. And the society that we live in today is filled up with so much negativity that it is really hard to survive.

Meditation surely comes with a ton of benefits many of which are yet not fully discovered. For almost any person, meditation is the way to go to bypass the overwhelming conditions and stress.

So, what options are available to your in such a case scenario to lend out to?

Well, you know very well what I am gonna answer to that.

However, that’s not all.

There are so many types of meditations available that it often gets confusing for the person to actually figure out which one to use. Since all of the meditations are not same and each one of them targets a different area so it is way too essential to find out the one that’s gonna work for you.


Transcendental Meditation – When & How To Do It?


I will be addressing each type of meditations in separate articles over the coming weeks and days. I have already made a list of top 5 types of meditations which you should follow. So make sure you check it out first and stay tuned for more. As for now, I am gonna be talking about one of the most popular ones i.e Transcendental Meditation.


What Is Transcendental Meditation?

The name transcendental meditation holds quite a significance itself as it is pretty much self-explanatory. Confused? Let me clear it all out.

Meditation is the way to reach your highest consciousness state which is achievable if and only if you win over your thoughts from all aspects. Now, transcendental meditation is the way to reach that level of consciousness by transcending thought itself. It’s a way to reach that state where you are no longer bound by your continuous overwhelming thoughts.

Though a mouthful but now you know how it got its name. Hehe!


The Technique For Doing Transcendental Meditation

It’s quite misleading concept among many non-meditators and/or noobs that doing meditation is quite a tough job and it takes a hell lot of time to work. Now, that’s not fully correct.

Yes, meditation will take time to provide you all of its benefits. The more good and regular you get at it the more benefits you tend to receive. Not only that, meditation itself can be made easy as well.

Here’s a great way to do transcendental meditation:

  • The first thing that is common to all types of meditations is to set up your position and mindset. Clear up your mind as much as you can. Take a deep breath and sit in a comfortable meditative position.


  • Next, close your eyes and start focusing on your breathing. Don’t control your breaths. Just do it normally. No need to get over smart with it (LOL!).


  • In about a minute start chanting a mantra in your mind. You can go with any mantra that may have been advised to you from a Maharishi. Be very careful in selecting one, though! If you are unable to find one then use the “Om” mantra.


  • At first, you will start the pace of mantra. But after a while just let it fly away. It’s gonna keep repeating itself in your mind at its own pace. Sometimes slower and sometimes higher. Maybe louder or maybe a bit fainter. Whatever it does just let it go and feel connected to it in your mind.


  • Thoughts will come and go. Just let it be. Don’t force it to vanish as it won’t work. Just keep your focus on the mantra.


  • As you keep going on, a stage will come when you will transcend all of your thoughts and the mantra itself. That is the ultimate stage of this type of meditation. Congratulations to you if you reach out to that level.


  • When you want to end your session. Slowly open your eyes and regain to your present self.


And that’s exactly how you do transcendental meditation. Was that tough? I am gonna bet at a NO!

Whatever your opinion may be, one thing is for sure and i.e transcendental meditation is really gonna help you a lot in your daily life if you do follow this practice regularly. No surprise it’s so popular all over the globe.

What are your experiences with this type of meditation? Let us know in the comments down below.

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