Anxiety!!! How To Overcome It Using Meditation?

Let’s take a look at your normal life. What do you do every day? Each day you wake up, get freshened up, go to work or your school, face difficulties of life, get overwhelmed, have a bit of sad and happy moments, come back home and at night go to sleep. Next day, the cycle runs again. End of story. Obviously, I skipped the usual things like taking a pee or eating food and stuff but that’s understandable.

But what I am trying to point out is that you never noticed that almost every one of us is facing the problem of anxiety almost every other day. The only difference is that some people have a superior version of it while others lie on the lower scale.

Getting the feeling of fear, anxiousness, nervousness, getting worried etc does happen for all of us at certain times. But when it tends to happen beyond that certain limit then it’s a problem which is referred to as Anxiety Disorders. It’s referred to as “Disorders” because there are many sub-types of it.

Let me take an example to clear it out…

Imagine you are standing in the back room of a stage just about to deliver a speech to a huge unknown audience. Feeling nervous? Well, that’s acceptable and natural. Now, let’s turn the situation a bit. Imagine you are sitting in the audience waiting to listen to the speech and suddenly you start facing hundreds of thoughts giving you tons of worry and restlessness just out of a flash. Is that obvious? Well, not so much…

So, what I am trynna say is that if you’ve been facing issues like these multiple times out of nowhere then you are┬ámaybe suffering from anxiety disorders. Now, how chronic your situation is? This depends on your symptoms and the frequency of these situations.


A Little Brief On The Obvious Symptoms…


While it is kinda hard to tell you the exact symptoms you are gonna have because no human is created the same, but I’ve got this list of common symptoms which you may face if you are suffering from this issue.

  • Extreme panicking
  • Unobvious sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Raging overwhelming uncontrollable thoughts
  • Dehydration
  • A feeling of fear
  • Breath shortness

Now, you may have a single, some, or all of these symptoms. I can’t tell. As simple as that. But if you do have any of these symptoms coming out of nowhere and multiple times for a prolonged period then you kinda be facing some sort of anxiety disorders. And just like any other, this one also needs to be treated. If not, you may face some serious issues later on in your life not to mention deteriorating lifestyle.


How Does Mindfulness Meditation Help?


Science has progressed a lot especially when we talk about medical science. The diseases we thought to be incurable a decade ago are no longer in the same segment. There are cures available for almost every disease and we are progressing aggressively to cure the remaining as well.

So, there are medications available in the market for anxiety disorder? Yes, there are (many, in fact!).

Should you take these medications? In short term, maybe. In the long run, probably not!

But how can you treat the problem without taking any medications?

I bet you know your answer by now. (HINT: Read the post title again.)

Meditation surely comes with numerous benefits many of which are rarely or not known to the humankind. Many people take it as a joke but quite frankly, it’s not! And those who practice it know why it isn’t. For this specific one, meditation is a surefire way to cure your anxiety issues. It won’t produce results instantly but it will eventually.

Relieving Stress To Relieve Anxiety

The way meditation works to cure anxiety disorders (no matter its type) is by working on its major root. Stress is said to be the major root of this issue though not scientifically proven but much obvious from the studies. And let’s face it. All of us are suffering from stress. The only difference is that some are on the riskier are side while others are moving towards it. And who is to blame? Ourselves, if you ask me.

Anyways, to cure your anxiety issues practicing meditation and specifically mindfulness meditation at that one is gonna help a lot. Mindfulness meditation will help you calm your mind in those terrible situations which seem to be uncontrollable without taking your pills. It will help you connect with the present without worrying about your past or your future.

By eradicating those unnecessary things from your mind and letting it focus on the most important things in your life it will help you bring in balance and meaning to your life.

Scientifically speaking, meditation is gonna change the whole structure of your brain, will improve its functionality, and will bring in positivity to your life.

All the damage that stress has done to your brain can actually be reverted back to a normal state. For your knowledge, stress is produced by a chemical produced in our brain which is referred to as Cortisol. Mindfulness meditation helps in dealing with stress by bringing in balance in the chemicals produced in your brain (mainly 5 including Cortisol). Excess of Cortisol is really bad for you and the same is when it is not produced at all. You need some stress to accomplish things in your life so you need to maintain an optimum level of it (kind of).

What To Do Next?

So, now you know that mindfulness meditation is gonna help you relieve anxiety you must be thinking what to do next. If that’s the case then very well!

I actually covered everything on how to do mindfulness meditation for beginners in my complete guide to meditation for beginners. I suggest you read it to make sure that everything goes right. There are a couple of other things that you will notice in this guide (beneficial for you) so don’t hesitate to read that too. You can check it out here – The Complete Meditation Guide For Beginners.

Guess, now you know how you can get rid of that anxiety. If there’s something that you would like to share make sure to jot that down in the comments section down below.

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