What Things Do You Actually Need To Meditate?

I am gonna be very honest here. There’s a lot of misinformation and hype all over the place regarding the things aka the stuff/products you really need for peaceful meditation. People are selling items for meditators and since it’s their job so they are gonna create a hype.

But lemme clear out one thing. Listen, you don’t really need any of those fancy items that you just came across and found to be magical. No need for super hyped up products when it comes to meditation. The things that you actually need are super basic and you can get most of them from a supermarket or even a general store only.

Meditation is about getting that fussed up burden out from your brain so it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gonna put up a burden on your pockets.

So, stay sharp and don’t trust everything that you read or come across (keep this article an exception). Hehe!!

Now, I am gonna shed light on a few things that you should really consider for your comfort if you don’t already have it.


#1. Cushions or Mats

The first thing that I find is a necessity for every pro meditator is to get some good cushions or mats from the market specifically for this purpose. I am speaking from my own experience here. Sitting on the floor or chair for a prolonged period of time can be really tiresome and can bring in some injuries too.

If you plan on sitting on a meditation session for more than 30 mins then you should consider investing in some good cushioning and mat for yourself to prevent those after session pains. When you’ll be meditating you won’t feel anything but as soon as you’re up it will really start to kick in and it’s painful! You can call it the dark side of meditation which no one really talks about much. Think about temporary meditation paralysis. Yeah, that’s a real thing which can happen to you too! So, stay safe and invest in some good stuff.


#2. Headphones

If you are a person who loves to listen to soothe music before the meditation session or prefer guided meditations a lot then investing in some good quality headphones is always a good option to go for. The thing with the normal ones is that they aren’t too good on the quality side and after a certain time can harm your ears as well. So, it would in your best interest to invest some dollars here.

If you really wanna spend big on this one then consider purchasing a home theatre system for your room where you meditate. And if you already have one dedicated home theatre room in your home then that’s even better!


#3. Ear Covers

Are the noises of your neighborhood disturbing you too much? Or persons around you are disturbing you quite often? Whatever the case may be, if you find it really hard to concentrate when meditation due to noise issues then invest a couple of dollars in a comfortable ear covers or earplugs.

Seriously, if you can’t shut the mouth of others then just simply shut down your ears. It will be much easier this way!


#4. Comfy Clothing

Your clothing is also very important while you meditate. Yet many people ignore this fact! Anyway, you need to understand that while you’re meditating you need to stay as comfy as possible to avoid any possible harms to your body.

For short sessions, this doesn’t mean much but for long sessions, it’s of quite a significance. You can’t expect to sit in the same position in real tight clothing for like 5-6 hours and don’t feel uncomfortable later on. Why do you think monks wear such fewer clothes? Just saying!

Now, by that, I don’t mean get completely naked or such. But do make sure to be in a comfy clothing (can be your nightwear). There’s specific clothing for meditation available in the market and I am sure you can find something good for yourself.


#5. Alarm Clock or Timer

This is quite a bummer but I thought of including it anyways. We all have an alarm clock on our mobile phones right or if you don’t have a mobile then I guess you can buy an alarm clock separately right.

But, why do you need this?

If you’re a person on a tight schedule which most of us are then it can be really bad for you to ruin your schedule just because of meditation. Because it gets hard to keep a track of time when meditating. So, let’s just say that if you wanna meditate for 30 mins only then you can set an alarm for the same to wake you up!


For me, I think these are the only things that you really need to meditate. Maybe I’ve missed some but I think that kinda sums it up all. Was this anything fancy or out of the box? I would be surprised to know. Anyways, do make sure to leave your thoughts in comments down below and spread some love by sharing this article if you like it 🙂

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