How Meditation Can Turn You Into A Better Person?

We all want to be the best version of ourselves. Most of us always say this thing to ourselves almost all the time and deep inside we know we want it to happen in reality no matter how much sh*t keeps happening.

But, let’s face this fact, do we really end up being the best of ourselves? For some part, it’s a yes but for the rest, it’s a BIG NO!!!

And do you know what’s one of the biggest reasons behind this?

I know and I think I am pretty much correct here. It’s coz most of us are way too concerned about what others will think of you and other irrelevant things around us – majorly gadgets.

Here, lemme ask you a question.

Can you remember the last time you went to the washroom and didn’t use your phone? Forgetting your phone doesn’t count!

Or, let’s make it even simpler…

When was the last time you slept at night without using your phone?

I bet my a$$ that not even 1% of you will pass this test. You can give all the excuses you want to yourself but you know it very well that you are kinda sucked into all of this technology thing and this overwhelming society norms. Even though you don’t want to do it but you have to! No choice!? Or is there?

It may sound complete nonsense to you but trust me it’s not. If you’d just take a minute to think about it, you’ll know exactly what I am trying to convey here.

But, let’s just start giving sense to all of these things that I have been talking about for a couple of minutes. And we will begin by defining “The Modern Man” i.e YOU.

So, what is a modern man?

Here, let me show you:

A modern man

  1. Wakes up, checks his phone, take a nap again for a minute or two, and head towards the washroom.
  2. Goes to the washroom, again get busy on social media, get refreshed, and head towards work.
  3. Goes to work, get frustrated, be beaten by the huge stress, come back home tired and depressed.
  4. At night, drink a beer or two, watch some silly stuff, curse your life, waste time on social media and then go back to sleep.
  5. The circle goes on and on.

Tell me if I am wrong!

Are you seeing what’s wrong here? It would be such a pity if you can’t.

The modern man is way too stuffed up in this silly schedule to actually take time for himself and talk to himself about what the hell’s happening and how can he fix it all up. You seriously spend ZERO time working on yourself and then you say you suck? You are not becoming what you want? Not getting the things you dream of? Don’t you know where you’re wrong? Like seriously????

A wise man once said,

The best investment you can do is to invest in yourself.

And if you are stuck in so many irrelevant things, tell me how you will ever be able to invest in yourself? See!

But, how does meditation comes into play in all of these things?

Long story short, meditation is gonna help you get your sh*t together and turn you into the best version of yourself. It ain’t gonna make the road shorter, it’s just gonna ease it out to the max possibility.


Let’s see…


#1. Meditation Will Bring In Peace

The single most reason we are not able to focus on ourselves is that of our chaotic lifestyle. Working 9 to 5 on some hell to do the job, spending countless hours SnapChatting, texting, gossiping seems like a lot to you at this time but is it really the thing that you want to do? Correction: Is it really the thing that you need to do?

Most of us think that watching movies, listening to music, hanging out with friends, surfing on social media, and countless other things we do will bring peace and stability in our lives. And to be honest, to some extent they do but none of them are a long term and a permanent solution. They just offer a temporary relief. If they were a permanent solution then no one of us would have been suffering from depression….right?

Mindfulness meditation, for one, will help you find a permanent solution to one of the biggest queries of your life. Trust me, your inner core knows everything and once you get connected to it, you will too!

If working out in the gym is important to bring your body into shape then meditation is also as much important as working out to bring your mind into a healthy shape.


#2. Negative People – Stay The Hell Out Of My Way!

We are all surrounded by negativity. That’s the way it is. You never know, whom you call a friend might turn out to be the evil later on. It’s nature, you can’t change it.

But, what you can do, is change the way you deal with it!

Meditation is gonna bring in positivity to your life and will help you to keep a distance from negative people and negative energies. And how exactly is this gonna happen? Intuition, my friend, intuitions!

Negative thoughts, temptations to do negative things, feelings to hurt someone, call of void etc. all things like these are gonna stay the hell out of your way if you meditate regularly. Do they eradicate? No! But you learn how to deal with them the right way with the help of meditation.


#3. Let The Challenges Begin!

We all want to be super productivity like this super genius who can literally do anything in this world. God, I wish I had that superpower. I really do! But, it’s just a fantasy. Though a fantasy but somewhat of it can be converted into a possibility with the help of meditation.

If you meditate regularly you’re gonna notice that your productivity levels are gonna skyrocket! Damn man, you’re gonna feel good all day long no matter how hard it gets. All those challenges will not get solved automatically but somehow you will develop the will to deal with them from which you were once scared.

These things might sound silly and/or illogical but this is reality and I can vouch for it!


#4. Bye-Bye Stress!!!

For those who don’t know, we all are dealing with stress. You, me, your friends, family, teachers and on and on and on, all are dealing with incalculable stress. Some are on higher degrees and some are on lower degrees of it but it is present no matter what.

I am gonna assume that you’re on the higher end. You find it hard to do work, concentrate, focus, and all sort of these things. Due to which you aren’t at the point where you wish to be. You aren’t living your dreams. So, what do you do?

You start meditating! Do the work as you would, just add meditation to your routine. With stress being controlled, you’ll note the difference yourself. I actually wrote a full article on this a while ago and I think you should check it out if you wanna read further in this specific context – Anxiety!!! How To Overcome It Using Meditation?

But, that’s not all the way that meditation is gonna help you turn into a better person. There will be many more ways it’s gonna help. I am no guru nor I am any kind of scientific expert, I just meditate and happen to know about this stuff. I share what I have learned and I believe that’s what gaining knowledge is all about – learning from other’s experiences. Meditation is the way I’ve done it and if I can then why can’t you?

Think about it and share your thoughts with all of us!


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