Not Happy With Your Meditation Journey? Here’s What To Do!

When you are constantly pursuing something whether it be your health goals, life goals, career goals, relationship goals etc., situations where you feel totally exhausted do tend to arise especially when you are not getting what you want.

And your meditation journey is no different. But the biggest reason behind this is not that you aren’t getting where you want to be (you actually are), it’s actually because your mind has been fed up with the wrong info!

Do this and you will get that. Meditate for years and you’ll become invincible and even a GOD!?!?!?!?


These things may sound strange (even funny) yet these things aren’t unheard of. And the bitter truth is that if you show people some facts (even if they are false in reality) they tend to believe such things.

Now, the single most reason behind you being not happy with whatever thing you are trying to pursue is written up here. It’s not only restricted to meditation. Most of the areas have this thing in common for most of the people.

But since our topic is on meditation, so for now, let’s just stick to it only.

So, why are you unhappy with your meditation?

– Unable to do it?

– Having a hard time reaping its benefits?

– Things not working out as planned?

– Life is killing you???

I don’t know what it is that you’re unhappy with in your meditation journey but whatever it is, I have got a way for you to deal with it.

And, I am definitely not kidding with this one.

I am gonna tell you about 5 practical steps that you can do right now and turn the tables around. Just trust me and do as I say. And if you do exactly, I promise that in less than 30 days from now you’ll be jumping like crazy out of joy!


#1. Give It Some Time

It’s a nature’s inevitable rule. You can curse it but you can’t avoid it. Why do you think that there is saying that is so popularly believed – “Good Things Comes To Those Who Wait”? This is because it is true to its every word.

Whatever you’re doing in life right now, it will take some time to kick in, show results, and work as the way you desire. Some things happen fast whereas the others are relatively slower.

And as for meditation, it also takes much time to kick in. You can’t expect to meditate for a couple of days and think you are gonna become a SuperMan! Who are you kidding?

Just trust this process, believe in it, and let it work as it should. Have patience!

Practice under a guru or do as you’ve been taught. Trust me, in time it will work 🙂 Just try to accept this fact. It’s the plain and simple truth. And if you feel that you are doing meditation wrong or just wanna start from scratch then you can follow my guide for meditation beginners. It’ll help you out.


#2. Drink Plenty Of Water

Our body is made up of 70% water. And if so much water is there in our body then it would only be correct to say that it must hold some deep connection to the way we work.

And it’s not only the physical connection. It’s mental connection too.

Being dehydrated will bring in problems only. However, on the other hand, if you stay hydrated you’ll feel much more relaxed than usual. We all know it feels good when those water drops go in…right?

As a rule of thumb, try to drink a glass of water (250 ml) every 1.5 hours. So, it’s about half a liter water every 3 hours.


#3. Eat Good, Sleep Good!

I am covering two components in one. But that’s alright. I know you don’t mind 🙂

The healthier you eat, the healthier you feel. That’s the way it is. Eat good food and you’ll feel good too. Do the opposite and you’ll get the opposite. What happens when you eat tons of junk and bad food? You end up facing issues in one way or the other.

And eating good is also connected with your sleep in a way. And we all know how important our sleep is for us. People crave for a good 8 hours sleep every single day. Only a few lucky people are able to actually achieve it though. Damn you!!!

But having a good 8-hour sleep (at least) is the most important thing for you. All your sorrows, unhappiness, bad feelings etc. can be cured with this one single thing. Sleep good and you’ll feel good. BAM!!!

The most important part of sleep for your mind is that it prevents information overload. Just like a vehicle can get overloaded if you put more people than it’s capacity (imagine 20 people in a 4 seater car), in the same way, our brain get’s overloaded too with loads of information.

Your irrelevant thoughts, continuous worries, anxiety all are overloading your brain and is a major reason behind the way you feel. And a quality sleep is the only way out of it. Just accept it and let it all go!


#4. Communicate

At times like these, it get’s quite hard to handle it all alone especially if you aren’t strong enough from your core (yet). So, what you should do in such situations is you should communicate with someone. It may be your closest friend, your family, some other person, I don’t know! Just talk with whomever you trust. Tell him/her how you feel and it will instantly give you a shot of dopamine helping you relive out that constant pressure.

If the above one is not an option for you then just go out of your place and connect with nature. Sit in a park and/or any other open space and just see what goes around. Feel what’s around you, cherish what you have, cherish what has been granted to you, and try to love it and yourself.

You are trying regardless of the fact whether it’s working or not. You should be happy that at least you are trying to make it work out! Most can’t even get past here so you must be a badass to have that much potential! That’s what counts the most 🙂

I don’t know in what situation you are at present. But even if you are in the worst case scenario, by following these above 4 steps you are sure to find some positive impact. So, test with it and let us know what happens in the comments section down below. And yeah, don’t forget to share this article if you enjoyed reading it.


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