The Thing About Writing You Never Really Noticed

So, you’ve been writing for a while, tackling challenges, overcoming hardships, and all in all enjoying your life. But still, there are times when you feel so lost. It’s like you wish you had somebody to take care of. A person you just could talk to about everything without any fears or disappointments.

Yeah, I know, we all have been there.

But, I never really got the point why is it necessary that it has to be a person to whom you wanna share everything you have deep inside? I mean, sure the real being could respond to it but what if that real being just isn’t there. Could you still talk to somebody?

For many, the answer is gonna be ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’ but if you ask me then the answer is ‘Yes’. It always has been. The only problem is that we never really took the time to notice it.


Let Me Tell You Something…

Tell me how do you feel when you start writing? If you are truly passionate about it doesn’t it feel like getting completely lost in that thing that you are writing about? It’s just as if everything got real and you are the creator of it.

So, how much more of a real being do you need especially when you actually don’t have someone?

What’s my motive for writing this article and sharing this piece of info with you is to tell you something that I feel is true.

I personally believe that writing is the companion that you’ve always been looking for.

Here are a few things for a fact:

  • You can talk to it on demand.
  • It won’t complain about anything.
  • Will listen to you peacefully.
  • And, in the end, it’s all gonna feel great.

Sharing your hardships is necessary to get that load off your heart. Also, so that you can don’t go insane with a mental breakdown!

But when you don’t have somebody, you’ve got that paper and pen with you. Use it and write all about it. Trust me, it may sound somewhat crazy right now, but it’s gonna feel so great afterward.

And just so that you know, that is what diary writing is for.

Why do you think people maintain a diary?

They are not fools who are just writing their daily sh*t into it. Neither they are doing it for improving their skills or something like that. Although, it may help.

Anyways, they are doing it just so that they can let it all out. They want somebody to listen to them and when that somebody is not there, the diary is!

And, you know what, there are other benefits too.

People today are just crazy about clicking their photos and videos. Some do it just to look cool or from mental disorders whereas others do it for meaningful purposes i.e to save their memories.

But what they don’t realize is writing can do the same thing too. Well, not exactly at that time and maybe not with the visuals but it can preserve your emotions as memories in vivid details.

Wouldn’t that be awesome to read about the funny thing you did in the past days in the old age? Or maybe those hardships you faced while chasing the road to success?

Presently, this might seem something not so worth it but it is absolutely worth it.

Ask any person who has a habit to maintain a diary. He/she will tell you exactly how good it feels to do it.


Wait A Minute…

So, what I am suggesting you do is to write a diary every single day?

Okay, I know it helps but I am also not that obnoxious. I mean whose ass isn’t lazy and you can’t just do that every single day….right? Not presently, at least!

So, what am I suggesting?

Well, simply put, all I wanna say is that whenever you feel like it just write. Doesn’t matter what you write about, doesn’t matter what the time is, doesn’t matter who’s there and who isn’t. Just write when you want to. Let your emotions out on that paper.

And when you do that, you’re gonna feel so good.

Maybe you don’t wanna become a regular diary writer. Who cares? But when the times are hard becoming one isn’t a bad choice at all. That’s all I wanted to say to you.

So, that’s just another option which was there but you didn’t realize it to overcome those hardships.

It’s my personal opinion, don’t know about yours. But whatever it is I would love to know about it. So, don’t forget to leave that down in the comments section.

Peace Out!


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