How Traveling Often Will Boost Your Productivity As A Writer?

The idea of traveling just brings in so much fun and a big smile on the face of many. Even though you might not end up going anywhere still, it feels so great when you think about traveling. And you’ve got to agree with me that we all do that often for our dream destinations. Don’t we?

Being a travel enthusiast and a writer myself I travel quite a bit. Maybe not to great exotic locations due to my limited budget but yeah I do manage to visit some places here and there that may seem to fascinate me.

And it wasn’t until recently, I realized that traveling can offer so much more to me as a writer and quite frankly, in general, as a person too.

The sad part is that most of us just never take the time to notice and realize it. With this article, filling this gap is what I plan on doing.

But first, it must be made clear how traveling is going to affect your mindset as a writer and why is it important?

Writing is all about bringing in creativity, unique style, passion, exotic approaches, imagination and emotions to life. (Tell me if I am wrong there.)

But have you ever noticed and wondered that how things happening around us have a great effect on this?

You write what you see and feel. There’s no other way around it.

But the problem is – if you’re not opening yourself to new experiences, your imagination and thoughts are going to remain locked onto your prior experiences only. Consequent to which your writing will be much limited in terms of creativity.

You can write just as far as your imagination can go. Sure it’s huge but there’s still a lot of room for opening it up. And traveling does exactly the same 🙂

You might be wondering, how?

When you travel to different locations you get to see so much, meet different people, see different cultures, enjoy different flora and fauna, face a bit odd situations, tackle difficulties, and still end up enjoying later on.

But it’s not all about the fun it is bringing in as it might seem like it. In reality, it is more about the lessons and impacts it is going to have in your life that matters the most.

The benefits you’re going to gain from traveling are just limitless.

Traveling often is going to boost up your creativity by adding up to that imagination, relieving stress, boosting health, and by providing a sense of self-fulfillment. All of which is going to have a direct positive impact on your productivity, life, and career.

Come across something new and interesting and the way you see things start to change. Hasn’t it ever happened to you before?

If it has, which it is, then you can compare the same to traveling too. The only difference is that this time the impact will be on STEROIDS!

It’s pretty much a psychological thing. You come across some new fascinating thing and it leaves an impact on your brain. In here, you are doing nothing more than just utilizing this impact to your advantage.

FYI: The wiring of your brain changes every time you learn something new. That’s not a theory, it’s a proven scientific fact.

And it just doesn’t end there you know. Like I said there’s so much on the plate to benefit from. Keep reading 🙂


Facing Writer’s Block? Time To Say Bye-Bye To It!


writer's block


Alright, you’ve got to agree with me that you have faced the writer’s block at least once in your career. I don’t care if you’re Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg of the writing community. If you’re a writer, you have faced the writer’s block at some point. Period.

I know, it’s just the biggest nightmare 🙁

A situation where you’re just staring down at the paper with a pen or a pencil in your hand (or the digital version on your laptop) and totally freaked out on what you should be writing. It’s just terrifying.

But did you knew, that traveling often can actually help you in almost eradicating this issue all in for once? Though, not permanently but for some time it does.

As far as my experience and knowledge go, there are 2 main reasons that cause the writer’s block:

  • Lack of creativity which causes lack of inspiration.
  • Fear or lack of initiative to start something new.

Now, traveling often can help you overcome both of them pretty smoothly.


Let’s see…

Overcoming Lack of Creativity

It’s a well-known fact the more creative you can get with your writing the better it will be. Everyone loves to read something new which touches their soul and being creative is just a way to get there.

Now, traveling is going to boost up your creative mind by adding up diverse perspectives and approaches to it. It will be opening your mind to unknown avenues which will take you one step closer to being a better creative version of yourself.

For overcoming the lack of creativity, what I suggest you do is jot down your experiences and feelings on your day to day happenings whenever you get the time on your trip.

You can write about it in your flight (or in your car) while traveling to some place, at night before bed, while enjoying your morning or evening cup of joe or at any other time when you feel like. It’s okay if you can’t spare much time for it. Even a short thing written in just 15 minutes or so is going to suffice.

By writing down your feelings and experiences you are doing nothing more than just safeguarding the positive impact that your mind faced by creating a written memory. So, try not to miss this part.

This way you’re going to find tons of things to write about with a much more creative mind and when you’ll get it right the inspiration will find you itself 🙂

Overcoming Fear or Lack of Initiative

For the latter, it’s more on how you push yourself in tough times that matter. I wouldn’t say that it’s much related to traveling because it’s not. However, it can supplement it somehow especially when you’re on a camping or hiking trip because that’s the place where you’re going to face a number of challenges requiring more and more effort from your end to push yourself.

And when you learn to push yourself beyond your limits the fear and initiative problem vanishes automatically. Because this is what you need to overcome to push yourself.

Though it’s not like, it’s going to happen just like that. It’s a continuous process, will take time but it will work.

Whatever it is that you’re trying to do in life, believe in yourself and learn how to overcome the obstacles within you. The day you learn it, your problem of initiative and fear will come to an end.

Traveling is just a source by which you can accomplish it. But it’s not the only option on the plate. There are many others as well. It’s just that being a writer it’s quite beneficial for you seeing the other benefits that it might bring along.

Anyways, moving forward 🙂


What Places Will Be Best Suited For Traveling?


Photo by Nina Uhlíková from Pexels


While it’s more of a personal preference but there are some places which are going to prove out much beneficial for your writing career if you do plan on to visit them.

Ideally, you would want to look out for places that:

  • Are socially and culturally diverse and authentic.
  • Are more connected to nature.
  • Will bring an adventurous trip your way.
  • Might bring a couple of challenges alongside.

If you aren’t able to figure out a place that fits that description even then it’s not such a big deal. The big deal is taking the time to learn something new from your trip regardless of the place you plan on going to.

The only thing you would want to avoid is visiting the same place where you’ve been before a lot of times. If you’d just go to a place that you’ve visited hundreds of time already then it will not bring that many benefits your way which other places might will.

As per my own belief, I feel that when it comes to traveling and reaping the most benefits as a writer, nothing can beat a nice camping trip with a couple of friends. It would be well suited to you if you’re on a tight budget as well. And, if this is the case, I suggest taking the time to look at the Ultimate Traveling Guide When You Have No Money – NomadicMatt for a few pointers on how to travel on a tight budget.

Lastly, it doesn’t really matter much if you’re traveling abroad or domestic, how much money you have for traveling or whether it is the ideal place for you or not. If you really want to reap the best for yourself then the only thing that matters is feeding your brain with new valuable experiences which traveling can provide really well. Any place that does that will be good to go.


What Else Traveling Might Bring Along For You?


benefits of traveling


I am no traveling guru to be true but I can share a couple of really great benefits that traveling might just bring in for you and add up to your writing career.


#1. Connecting With New People

When we travel we connect up with many new people too. While most of them are just common men and women that may not end up being anything further than just a friend but there might be a chance of you getting connected with the right person who may help you boost up your career.

Traveling to the same place where there is a high demand for writers? Who knows maybe you’ll get a job too! Or maybe you’d just bump into someone that may prove out to be a significant person in your advancement later on. Who knows? Everything works on links and relationships. The more you have the better it is J


#2. Burst of Ideas

Every writer faces a shortage of ideas every now and then. But when you travel quite often it just can’t happen to you. Whilst it may happen but for most, the chances are it won’t. The probability is like a tiny bit – 0.01%. Don’t ask for mathematic proofs, okay!?


#3. Source of Immense Refreshment

Working hard each and every day is really tiring. If you are passionate and dedicated enough to your work, it might not seem an issue. However, for the rest, it turns out to be one.

Traveling, for one, can really help you get rid of all that tiring feeling by refreshing your brain and relieving your elevated stress levels. Everyone enjoys a chill pill….right!?


#4. An Opportunity To Become A Travel Writer

When everything fails, there’s still a chance. The daily experiences written on those diaries will finally come to your use…eh?

So, you’ve been traveling a lot but still aren’t going places with your career? Well, you can do just that by becoming a travel writer.

If you have gathered much valuable experience traveling to a bunch of places then why not share it others who would love to read & enjoy it? You can write for travel magazines and blogs or maybe even start your own site for sharing your knowledge. Even traveling companies might approach you to write for them. Just like everything else, it all boils down to the action you put in J


#5. Introduction of New Characters

On your trip, you’ll be coming across and connecting with a bunch load of people having diverse backgrounds and nature. At the point you’re seeing or meeting them it might not seem much of use but in reality, it can put out to be.

If you are a fan of fiction and are into fiction writing, this might end up being a holy grail for you. How? By bringing those real people into your fiction as characters you can really add life to your writings. These real-life characters you will be adding will come out having a much more vivid picture and will be attached to more emotions. Isn’t that what you’ve been looking out for in fictional characters?


So, that’s pretty much I had to share with you today. Remember, the more you broaden your imagination the better you’ll be able to write. While traveling might not turn out to be the only solution but it’s by far the best solution for you as per my belief.

But, what does your belief say? Share it with us all in the comments down below 🙂

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