PUBG & Depression: The Threat Is Real!

The pressure to excel in this big bad world often ends up disrupting the mental peace of an individual. Under such pressures, one seeks to escape from reality and there comes the handy mobile phones to provide this quick and ‘mobile’ escape.  But like all temporary escapes, this addiction too can prove to be deadly for various reasons you might not even be aware of. Let’s look at one such addiction that has taken the world by a storm–Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile a.k.a PUBG.2

One such mode of zoning out from reality and ghosting oneself into the virtual world is the infamous PUBG. The reason why PUBG and other such games are affecting the audience is that people are finding it hard to pop out of the gaming environment even if they are not playing. The game overpowers their senses and it becomes difficult for one to live in reality.

What’s Up With The World?

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Are you really living your life?

Some shocking cases have surfaced time and again that has really made us question the safety of such games. A class 10 boy committed suicide after being scolded for not studying enough for his exams and continuing to play PUBG instead. It’s not just about the lives you live, or kill, in the virtual world anymore; at the risk of sounding grandiose and dystopian, might I add, real humans lives are at stake.  Vulnerable and naive minds are getting more and more intoxicated by these games, leading them to depression and even suicides in worst cases.

The buzz of such ill effects of the game leads to many pieces of researches as well. PUBG was marked as ‘Harmful’ and ‘Negative’ by the Commission for Protection of Child Rights. While there is no such ‘ban’ the announcement was made in the wake of multiple cases of addiction and even suicide because of the highly popular game PUBG.

A petition calling for the ban of the PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game in India has gotten support from the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), with the Commission seeking a report on the action taken against the game from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. 

My Experience With PUBG

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Even if you’re the winner, do you really win against this game ever? Image Credits @Guiding Tech

With such an immense and vocal outrage against PUBG, it is for us to think about the causes of such a deadly addiction in the first place. Is it because of the enchantment of a world where you could be anyone or is it a way to express your rage through a virtual massacre? I might sound too harsh but the truth is, I have been a devoted citizen of Erangel and Sanhok and have (rather embarrassingly) spent more hours in its captivating world than I’d like to admit.

It’s liberating, captivating and thrilling. Once you get the adrenaline rush, there’s no getting back. It’s enthralling and perhaps, too much for its own good. After a few days, you like the virtual world more than the flesh and blood one. You would rather fight and kill than meet people in real life for a coffee. Now that I’ve established that I’m a huge nerd, the reason I left playing it was because as much as I loved it, it was dark, enticing and it took a toll on my mental well being. I might come off as too dramatic but it was what I kept waiting for after waking up in the morning.

What did I learn from my experiences?

Such, might I say, ‘deep devotion’ towards a virtual platform leads to a detachment from reality which further causes depression and other mental illnesses. If not mental illnesses then, mental disturbances. You might disagree with me on this since I know there is the whole “gaming induces productivity” religion-followers, but in my experience, it was a huge harbinger of unfocused and distracted work-flows.

Enough about me and the world. What about you? How has your experience been like? Do you know someone who is in love with this game? Would love to know your thoughts, don’t forget to add them in the comments below!

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