Write For Us

Write For Us

Thanks for taking an interest in writing for Hobbiesphere. We appreciate it a lot 🙂

Below you will find some instructions and answers on how you can start writing for us.


Why Should You Write For Hobbiesphere?

Hobbiesphere is a community made not by you and me but by us. We all are a part of this beautiful place, offering insightful knowledge to create a better tomorrow for everyone. We want you to run behind your dreams instead of being a part of this meaningless, rigid, and chaotic society. And, it’s only possible if you share your voice with others.

Let us all benefit from your knowledge. Help others and learn from what they have to share. Let’s all create a better place for ourselves with this platform and reach those avenues we have always wished for by fueling ourselves with real knowledge. Not the boring stuff you don’t want to learn.

What Can You Write About?

Hobbiesphere is looking for informational articles and pieces of advice such as personal tips & tricks, general know-how, personal experiences, short tutorials, evergreen content etc., from actual experts of the industry in the categories which are currently being covered by the site. Anything within these limits is eligible unless it’s already covered on the site with the same approach before.

We define a person as an ‘Actual Expert’ who has a ton of experience in a specific sector and can share some really helpful and insightful knowledge about it to help others. It’s cool if you don’t have any certifications to show you are an expert. If you know something great about the thing you do, we’ll be happy to consider it for ya! Just let us know about what you do or any achievements you have and if it’s a good match then it’s all good to go 🙂

In case, you are writing or want to write about something which is not covered by site presently but is in the view of site’s interest then please feel free to discuss it with us. If we like your idea, we’ll hook you up! Before that, it’s highly recommended to browse our site to familiarize yourself with our ways.

What Are The Requirements For A Consideration?

The things that are a must in your guest post are simple.


  • Make sure it’s 100% unique.
  • Share your personal relevant stories and experiences.
  • Try to get rid of grammatical and typographic errors as much as possible.
  • Always shoot for a post that is over 1,000 words.
  • Try to keep your post interesting and well structured using the correct use of headings and formatting.
  • Include at least 2 links to any other posts on Hobbiesphere in your article.
  • Include at least 2 images within the article and relevant helpful videos wherever possible.
  • Add 3-4 helpful external links and references in the article, wherever applicable. Don’t self promote.


  • Self-promote within the article.
  • Offer spam.
  • Write in a vague and incomplete manner.
  • Link to untrusted and harmful pages.
  • Add affiliate links.
  • Write copied and/or rewritten content.
  • Talk about irrelevant things.

NOTE: If we decide to publish your article on our site then we will retain all the rights of the content. You are not allowed to publish it elsewhere without our permission.

Checklist Before Submission….

  • Have you mentioned your name, email address, website, a short bio and social media handles in your email or on top of your post?
  • Are the requirements duly met?
  • Have you included a couple of headlines in the submission?
  • Is there a link to your headshot in your email or top of your post?

How Do I Submit My Guest Post?

If you have any idea which you would like to discuss before writing then we would be really happy to assist you. You can also submit us a complete piece if you have it ready. Your article may be edited or changed a bit to bring in clarity.

Please send all your queries and submissions to this email contribute@hobbiesphere.com.

You will hear a reply from our side within 7 working days. Please note that we reserve the right to accept or deny your submission. If you do not hear a reply from us within 7 working days, you may consider your request to be rejected. However, you can follow up with fresh ideas in a new request.